1. PRAY: A lot of singles don't pray,don't talk to God, don't communicate until they see their friends wearing wedding rings and meno pause/ mid-life is fast approaching! Who do you think God is? A fast food restaurant? Talk to God sweetie on daily basis and include your future spouse. Tell God to bring them at the right time and help you recognise them when they come..

2. Ask God to DIRECT YOUR STEPS to where they can find you and you will recognize them. The devil has directed some singles legs to the dungeon of death, wrong spouses and wrong relationships, that will not be your portion in Jesus' name! (Read Proverbs 3:5-7)

3. WATCH YOUR CHARACTER: develop a good reputation every where you find yourself. Your future partner may be watching you. Someone who knows your future partner may be watching you. Ladies who are street fighters and international gossips should be careful! Be a lady! Not a machine gun! Men who act like touts and run away bus conductors need rehabilitation not marriage!

4. DRESS WELL AND SMELL GOOD all the time. Half nudes makes you look like a prostitute. Men who go about with dangling penis under their boxers need to learn "dressing etiquette". Deal with body and mouth odour. It is a huge turn off! Be clean -always!

5. BE FRIENDLY, smile at people, be easy to relate with. Stop looking depressed, angry, bitter or proud and pompous!

6. BE HARDWORKING, focused and principled. Lazy guys and ladies should look for work not marriage.

7. EXPECT your future partner to locate you. Build your faith muscle (Hebrews 11:1). And they will. The expectation of the righteous shall not be cut off.


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