Pst Sola Osunmakinde; How and when did you know you had a call into ministry?

Brother Dunsin; I was born into the house of a Pastor and General Overseer so what I grew up to, was ministering, but of course I struggled to get into ministry, seeing the things... you know, been around pastors and been the only son of a Pastor and of a General Overseer, I could see it coming but I did all I could to dodge it, I remember this conversation between me and my dad one night, we were walking so by the way, he always takes me for all the ministers conference as young as 8,9 10, I will have to fast with him till we get home in the night like 10 O'clock and I would look at him like, what kind of a wicked father is this and then, I was always taunted by my sisters who looked at me in the morning like 😝...bye🤣. But you know, we had this conversation this night, I was in university and he said to me, we were going to pray, of course we fought for the reason that everybody is sleeping at home and you're taking me to an all night, just me you and your prayer warriors, why me? And then we were almost getting to the place, and he asked me and said what do you want to become when you grow up? I said well, I have everything planned out this is what I want to do, and he looked at me and said, No! You're going to be in ministry and I told him, I said did you sacrifice me on the altar?😂 because I need to know now and then we had that conversation till we got to the place of prayer and then boom! People who were not there when we were talking about this, in the middle of prayer, I think I was between sleep and the word of the Lord came, kpah! From one of them and we both looked at ourselves like ☻ and then I think it was at that point that I started taking my life seriously. I remember in  school people asked what would you like to become? From that point, everything changed, I lost passion in anything I wanted to become, I don't know how, it was just supernatural, no drive to.... so when people say in class oh this is what I think I will become, I couldn't say anything.  I tried to but I couldn't say, so people looked at me like are you sure you know what you want to do, I said sincerely, I don't know exactly what is happening to me, but I think I might end up in ministry, so I think that was a major pointer for me, and that night, I would never forget, because I was holding a torchlight, I will never forget, where it happened as a matter of fact when I go to Ilorin, I always go around that place, like this was the place where something shifted for me, So I think from that time, I started taking my life a bit more seriously, so I didn't know how it was going to unfold, but I started taking my life more seriously. So that was when I knew, but been into it, I think life is in phases, you just go into these things, I wouldn't say there was a time...I embraced a lot after he passed on. Yeah, I embraced ministry, I could say that I embraced the actual ministry after he passed on, that was when I felt more..... it was at that point for me, that was the point where I knew that ok, so this is the path.


Transcriber; David Loh

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