A supernatural marriage is everything that every believer should press for!

It is on this rock that every aspect of your marriage comes with spiritual implications.

They are wondering why your wife sometimes serve you water on her knees but they don't know, that there is a favour accrued to every service done unto a Priest. When she rises up on her knees her prayer request gains no opposition, the anointing upon a Priest responds to the call irrespective of the hands fetching from its well. 

This is why other people get blessed by your husband but you don't. 

This why all the marriages your husband has prayed for, God intervenes except for yours.

This is why everyone that has had an encounter with your husband receives wisdom while you as his wife are always in a state of confusion and indecision, because you don't know how to serve the anointing. 

I'm not addressing Pastors and Pastor Mrs, I'm talking to you husband and wives without a pulpit, you that God has entrusted the responsibility of evangelising the world.

When they see you as a man tidying up the dinning table for your wife they will not understand, no be juju be that! 

They will never know that you are simply taking advantage of the grace supplied when a husband rises up to call his wife blessed. For what you carry Ma, for the grace you supply Ma, let it be that in this instance I should serve that my heavens will be open unto me.  

You have to chiefly desire this realm to understand it's bountiful possibilities. Ayayayayaya!!!





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