Richard Was Saved - Evang Reinhard Bonnke

 So, I Called An Interpreter And I Said "Get Me That Song Leader, I Have A Word For Him" He Came And We Stood And I Said To Him "What Is Your Name?" He Said "I Am Richard" I Told Him What God Said.. Immediately, His Face Was Turning Pale, He Turned Around Starring At The Huge Wall Around Us And He Said "Can You See Those Huge Trees? Very Often Hangmen Comes Around, They Take Us One After The Other To Be Hanged.. They Hang Number One, Number Two, Number Three... But I Have Stood Already Three Times In That Queue Waiting To Be Hanged But Anytime The Ropes Are To Come Around My Neck, The Hangmen Will Say We Are Tired Today, We Will Come Back Next Month" He Now Said To Me "They Are Coming Back Next Week To Hang People Again, And I Think I Am The First In Line This Time.. What Did You Say Again?"     I Said " I Said Nothing But Thus Sayeth The Lord, You Will Be Released And Will Preach The Gospel!"

I Asked For His Full Name And I Left. Day After Day I Was Carrying Richard On My Shoulders Everyday.. "Lord, Release Richard" 

Suddenly The Holyspirit Said To Me Again "Go And See The Governor, Talk To Him About Richard" Suprisingly The Governor Was Anxious To Me See Too But When I Arrived, He Wasn't Even There But His Wife Was There.. I Said "Madam, I Was In Your Prison And I Saw A Prisoner And God Said To Me That This Man Must Be Released Because He Is To Preach The Gospel."

The Lady Said To Me "It Can Never Happen, This Cannot Be Done" At That Point My Heart Skipped. Then She Said "But Maybe if You Will Pay For My Sons And Daughters To Go To School In The US Then I Can See What I Can Do"  I Said To The Lady "Number 1, I Have No Money! I'm A Missionary And Number2, If I Have It I Wouldn't Do It, I Would Never Pay A Bribe!" She Got Very Angry And Left. At That Point, My Heart Sunk. . Before She Left She Stopped And Starred At Me And I Said "Madam, Please Tell Your Husband, Richard Must Be Released For Jesus!" 

She Looked At Me Angry And Rushed To The Door. Then I Went To My Car I Said "Lord, I Have Infuriated Madam.. I'm Quite Sure They Will Have Their Eyes On Richard Now"

 I Prayed Everyday With A Full Heart For Richard Then One Day, Someone Said To Me "Richard Has Been Released! And He Wants To Go To A Bible School." Immediately, I Said "I'll Pay For It."  So, He Went And Studied.

After Four Years, I Returned To Congo For A Crusade, After The Crusade Was Over, My Crusade Director Said To Me "Bonnke, When You Come Down Those Steps, There's A Surprise Waiting For You" And When I Came Down Those Steps, A Young Man Came Running Down To Me, Full Speed With A Bible In His Hands, He Came And Fell At My Feet, Kissed My Shoes, Grabbed My Legs And Cried. . I Said "Hey, What Are You Doing?" I Loosed My Leg And Jacked Him Up And Looked Into His Eyes, When I Looked Into Those Eyes, They Looked Quite Familiar And So I Said "Richard, Is It You?"  He Screams "Yes, It Is Me!!!" 

He Is A Succesfull Pastor Now. One Thing I Know For Sure Is That Jesus Can Break Every Chain In Your Life - Halleluyah!


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