The best wedding gift you can ever give to your future spouse is to become a better version of yourself that will make the Job of loving you easier for them to do in marriage.

This is the best you can give. 

Not six packs or big buttocks.

But a version of you that makes it easier for your spouse to respond to God's assignment of nurturing you for His glory. 

I don't know about you but even as a married person, I wake up daily thinking about the new instructions that God has given my wife concerning me, and how I can help her fulfil her obedience.

I think about the last thing we didn't do right.  The previous time I didnt respond too good to something she was saying or asking. I think about the last time I promised to make adjustment to somethings she was concerned about and I'm like,




 "What if it was God asking her to be patient with me in this area? What if God is giving her a new assignment to be understanding with my sharp mouth? Will I keep her long on that particular assignment of patience and understanding? Will I make her labour to carry out that assignment for long because of my stubbornness and my lackadaisical attitude to making adjustments that I can effortless make?"

These are the sort of things I think about every day in my marriage. This guys.

A supernatural marriage requires WORK to make it WORK. 

So even as a married couple we have to keep on improving each day, not for our own personal gain alone, but to make it much more easier for our spouse to respond to God daily calls in our life. 

And this is something that God told me sometime ago in the secret place, He said If I keep on working on myself to make it easier for my wife to fulfil God's assignment to me in her life, the assignments won't stop coming, rather the reverse is the case, God will start trusting her with bigger assignments and with it comes bigger anointing to follow them through because He has found her faithful in the little.

My job as a husband, and as a spouse, it to do all I can in my marriage to ensure that my wife is always found faithful. 

I don't know, maybe only one person will understanding these mysteries, even yet, with that one I'll be fulfilled. 





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