A time ago... 

A prayer meeting held in a place. 

It was in a certain village where a group of young believers had gone to for an outreach. 

The outreach had lasted peacefully for one day. 

Things were okay, until a mad woman was brought to the prayer team by the villagers... 

She was brought with such belief that if the believers should pray, their God would answer, and the affliction of the woman would be over.

Friend, these young Christians  began to pray and scream and call on the name of God.

And yet after about two hours of 'prayer' there was no change in the mad woman. 

The people that brought her sat down, waiting...

They were waiting for this renowned mad woman to be healed by this renowned God that these Christians talked about in their whole village for a weekend. 

And All of a sudden...

A certain 'well respected man of God’.

You know that kind of person that everyone perceive to have a deep walk with God? 

This well respected man of God was present at that time with these young university believers that went for this outreach. 

Every of them knew him to be an elder in the faith.. 

So he couldn't watch them struggle to heal just one mad woman for 2hours. 

This 'respected man of God' picked up a bottle of olive oil and marched forward to the mad woman.

Everyone had to clear the road because they said the ‘messiah’ had come. 

You know that kind of thing?

So this 'senior' believer went ahead...

Prayed on the oil...

And went on to anoint the mad woman so that she would be made whole.


Friend, as he opened the bottle, and poured the contents all out on the mad woman... 

This really mad woman rushed the anointing oil and rubbed it over her body and started expressing her gratitude in igbo language. 

She was like, “Oh, o tele aka mtere mmanu’’ 

That's ''it has been long I oiled my body or it's been long I rubbed cream'' as she rubbed the anointing oil over her body in excitement. 


It was such a bad sight. 

Even the demons in that premises were expecting something different.

Even the Devil was surprised.

He was finding it difficult to believe. 

How can the son of God anoint the Devil and nothing shook him?

Nothing touched him? 

The Devil gladly made the 'anointing oil' a cream because the anointer was in short supply of God. 

Friend, everything that was said of you in eternity would still be concealed and in doubt in this world until you stubbornly go to learn the ways of prayer.  

God is still helping me too. 

No doubt that you've seen a future.. 

But is there nothing you will find that no one in your father's house has had so that the forces that fight the people that bear your surname can leave you alone? 

It's been my desire that another generation will rise that would  change the narratives. 

If all what we've more than your fathers, is that we've more money, what will happen when what fought our fathers come to fight us too? 

This world has no respect for you if there's nothing extra on your head. 

I am talking to that one... 

You know there's more to your life. 

There's a dimension of you that you see when you sleep that you've not become yet. 

There are many things that were said of you that have not yet come to pass. 

The Devil will regret that you got a copy of this book in your hand. 

We've been praying on this book for a while now so that the excellency of it will be of no man. 

God is set to take the glory in your life. 

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As you see this

Declare: Thank you Jesus 🔥

Let us pray! 

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