Dear Aunties waiting for somebody's son to come and find you, let me teach you a priceless principle on how to faithfully wait for that somebody's son to come charging into your heart like a Knight in shining armour, alright? 

So I imagine Abraham's most faithful servant in Genesis 24, he was given a very important task of finding a befitting wife for his master's son, the young and handsome Isaac. 

While he was set out on his way, with doubts and a thousand confusion in his mind, he turned to his master Abraham and said with the 'doubtest' of tone, "Master, what if the babe refuses to come with me to marry your son?"

Hmmm, wahala.

But his master replied, "My Lord, the God of heaven, has already gone before you, so that you can get a wife for my son from there."

So when the brother got to the city, he found a well and prayed that the woman who will be kind enough to fetch some water for him to drink, and also give a portion to his assistant servants and his camels, that is the woman God has chosen for Isaac, and before he could even say AMEN to the prayer, Rebecca came along and did exactly as the servant prayed.

But wait, it gets interesting from this point.

Because I also Imagine Somebody's daughter, Rebecca, leaving her father's house that faithful day singing "somebody's son go find me one day, I don't know la la la la faraway." (Forgive me, I don't know the lyrics to that song 😆)

Only for her to meet with somebody at that well.



Chill, that person wasn't Abraham's servant.



Shd met with the Holy Spirit who aligned her heart to His plans and purpose, and prepared her for the task waiting ahead.

Remember Abraham said "My Lord will go before you to make sure it happens", so the first encounter she had was with the Holy Spirit on the journey, before she got to the well and did as the Spirit had enabled her to do, because no normal woman can be kind enough to meet all that serving requirement set by Abraham's servant if her loudest motivator was not the Holy Spirit.

Now imagine if she was not a woman of discernment. 

Imagine if had no relationship with the Holy Spirit. 

Imagine if she was a stranger to encounters, she would have missed out on the destined somebody's son she has been waiting for all along.

You know why she agreed to go with the servant immediately he asked? Because the Holy Spirit had already done the background work, and she didn't hesitate to align.

Dear aunty waiter, who is doing the background work on somebody's son for you?

Now that you are still waiting for somebody's son to come and find you, have you mastered how to discern the voice of God?

Now that you are on this waiting journey, can you discern encounters that fastrack destiny? 

Listen, waiting to be found is not as important as knowing what to do when you are found.






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