VIRGINITY VS SEXUAL PURITY _The journey of a Christian Lady.


I made the decision to remain a virgin from my childhood and that no matter what happened I vowed to keep my virginity.

Growing up, I got involved in several impure acts but I bothered less since I was able to keep my virginity INTACT, I was more concerned with remaining a virgin and not being sexually pure, technically I was a virgin but sexually DEFILED!

I struggled with remaining pure, from what I saw in the media to what I watched in the movies, everything around me was enough to keep me impure. I became curious about pornography, sex and its pleasure, my mind was filled with lust, I wanted to have a taste and this dragged me into pornography and masturbation but technically I was a VIRGIN.

I got involved in several ungodly relationships but I protected the HYMEN with all I had yet I was not sexually pure!

It cost me my relationship with GOD and I struggled to be free from the chains of addiction, I remained bound until MERCY said NO. 

Virginity they say is the pride of a woman and this is why godly parents wish to raise daughters who can remain virgins until marriage so they can proudly say I trained her well but is it enough to remain a virgin yet impure?

We raise the flags of virginity but yet we struggle with secret sins of immorality, we struggle with pornography and musturbation, we still lust in our hearts, if the world claps for us for remaining virgins can God also smile at us for remaining pure?

PURITY is a different fight, virginity alone does not define purity, purity is above keeping the HYMEN intact, stopping the PENETRATION, not being involved in the SEX. We capitalize on the sex but it is more than abstaining from sex but from immoral acts!

When they ask virgins to stand up you bodly stand raising your hands for the congregation to see but yet in the dark you let him hold you tightly, grab your ass, run his fingers through your vagina so technically you are still a virgin!

You stop him from penetration but you go naked for him, let him touch everywhere, suck everything,oral sex you have done, anal sex you have done but you remained a virgin, technically you are a virgin but you are defiled!

You are a sexual purity advocate, so because you think it is about remaining a virgin, you condemn those who made the mistake, insult single mothers and raise your shoulder high yet you touch your self in the dark to satisfy your sexual urges, technically you are still a virgin but defiled!

We have abused the presence of sexual purity and replaced it with the presence of the hymen, we think virginity is the landmark of purity and the gateway to heaven, you may be positive to the virginity test yet lack God's commendation.

What of God's commendation, if we recieve all the praise for keeping our virginity can God commend us for remaining pure? 

For your body is HIS temple and should remain clean and pure for him to abide, it is more than abstaining from sex but abstaining from everything immoral and impure, abstaining from pornography, movies with naked adults, music videos proclaiming nudity.

It starts from keeping your mind free from lust and lustful desires, keeping your eyes off nudity and stopping the movement of that brother or sisters hand.

It starts from minding the books you read, the songs you listen to, the movies you watch and keeping your conversations pure, for if you say you abstain from sex but discuss sex it is like adding fuel to the fire you are trying to quench!

Let us fight with all we have, the fight of purity starts from the mind, putting on the whole armor of God, wearing the helmet of salvation, standing on guard ready to conquer those desires as they try to lead us into temptation, leaving every toxic relationship and fighting for our position as SONS OF GOD!

This is a fight, a fight from the mind, with studying the word and travailing on our knees, for if we decide to stand with sexual purity we must be ready to fight for purity!

If you are defiled already, just as MERCY said NO and God saved me from addiction and impurity, if you can open your heart asking God for help He is willing to save and redeem you right now❤

©The journey of A Christian Lady



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