When we started 4years ago, we started in a hotel with just about 7 members.

It wasn't easy, and we had to rent everything we used, but God was faithful while we were committed.

After a while and for many reasons, it became imminent we needed our own space. Finding a place we could rent at a then heavy sum of 100,000 to 200,000 was a prayer point we all gathered to pray, and eventually, we did find a hall with an air-tight capacity of 80-90 persons.

Now recalling, the first time we hit an attendance of 30 persons felt like we had hit a jackpot but as we kept on, we grew to 50, then 100 then 120, then we finally outdid the hall, the Pastor's office, the toilet, and the car park altogether after which it became imminent again we needed to move.

And we did.

To Ebet Aya.

Entering our new venue at Ebet Aya came with its attendant responsibilities seeing it was bigger and required more work and equipment compared to our previous venue. 

But God was with us.

In only a year of consistent fellowshipping, we were out of space for people and had to seek the consent of the property owners to demolish and renovate at no cost to them. 

All this was just to have more space for God's people.

Another 8months down the line and we had the problem of space on our hands again.

Our workers alone almost filled the newly renovated main auditorium and on Fridays when we held our general meetings, the streets were impassable.

Yesterday, to the Glory of God, another feather was added to our cap as we held our first service in our new venue; an ultra-modern e-facility with sufficient room for fellowship, capacity building, and growth.

When we started, our efforts were grossly discounted on the assumption we were young directionless people.

4 years down the line, with hard work, an impeccable team of leaders, and the most amazing flock to shepherd, we can boldly say GOD HAS BEEN ON OUR SIDE, and because of this, WE ARE UNSTOPPABLE.

Today, what started at Hummer Hotels with just about 7 people is continuing at the Amazing Grace E-Centre (The Pistis Place) and as Christ carries, it wi keep growing in leaps and bounds until the kingdoms of this world, becomes the Kingdom of our Lord and His Christ.

If you're in Uyo, we invite you to join us every Friday at our new location right in the heart of the city. If you're out of town, we've still got you covered online. 

If you're into any ministry (not just church), I encourage you to be steadfast in the area of your calling.  

God is faithful, and I know this first hand.

To our ministry partners, friends, well-wishers, followers, members, leaders, and Pastors, I honour your commitment to this vision and affirm you are the best people to serve God with.

To the ends of the earth...

We'll stay committed.

We'll keep pressing in.

We'll keep moving.

God bless you all.

Your brother,

Japheth Joseph

#FireClan Network

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