Prophet AT Joel wrote:

Billy Graham left in 2018

Reinhnard Bonnke left last year

Zacharias left this year

Cerullo left .

Prophet Tb Joshua left this year

David Yonggi Cho left this year.

You don't want to know what I am thinking.

And I add: 

When you see the happenings in these seasons and the fulfilment of certain prophecies, of a truth, you'd agree with me that the god of this world has really blinded "some" people.

Not every happenings can be intellectually deciphered, you will need to be open and discerning to catch the message happening within these period regardless your theological prowess or belief system.

So many things are happening at once within these years and my generation is still busy hating themselves.

Every great acts in the bible, we would always see "unity" play a role.

Just like when the Messiah was expected to come upon the Earth and the prophets had  prophesied of which most of them as at their time as a result of lack of discernment didn't partake in the long awaited prophecy about the coming Saviour of the world.

It came, happened and some jews are still expecting Him to come.

That's almost the same thing happening in this revival we are screaming about almost everyday.

I'm not one who comes online to brag about encounters or Revelations I have but can I be sincere with you?

The revival prophesied of by our fathers is already here but it came and met us unprepared and ready.

And the disheartening part is that it's full manifestation won't be how a majority of us has envisioned it to be. 

Like an Out burst of Miracles, Power, Signs and Wonders, Healings and all of that like what is trending.

But it will be a "Revival of Influence" where believers will be relevant in the Cosmos with the Message Christ.

If everybody becomes Benny Hinn who will be the men in the order of Bishop Oyedepo who will unapologetically prove to the Government that the body of Christ is also a Government on it's own.

If everybody becomes Evang Bonnke the healing Evangelist, who are the men and women that will rise in the order of Myles Munroe to balance secularity with Spirituality and lecture government and systems using the scriptures as its basis and foundation.

Dear young minister, that someone doesn't fall in your meeting doesn't mean you are not carrying fire. I walk in signs and Wonders as privileged by grace but truth be told.

Discover how you have been uniquely wired and stop pressing to venture into realms not designed in the curriculum of your destiny.

Sometimes when people come to me because of the manifestations they see, the first thing I do is discern the wiring of that individual and guide them in that regards.

Most of us are Wealth Apostles (Kingdom Financers). The anointing is meant to channel in all the sphere with a unique goal of reaching both the high and low with the Gospel.

We won't all make people fall in meetings as proof we carry fire like the trending thing all around.

We need more women like Joyce Meyer who are soul healers and will by the Spirit of God deliver many from depression and worries of life.

We need people like Billy Graham who didn't do much miracles as it were but commanded so much influence that systems and structures could bow for the God He carried.

We need more people like Raviz Zacharias who were intellectually sound yet was defensive with the Gospel to atheist and other religions.

We need more people like Myles Munroe whose wisdom changed the ideologies of most government officials and leaders of nations.

We need more people in Family and Relationship life who will show forth the true essence of true parenting, Love and relationship as it correspond with that of God, Christ and the Church.

How about the media, entertainment, business etc?.

When you go for meetings and shout Fire Fire Fire.

Oh God I need your fire!

Keep cool and ask yourself what does this fire mean.

Most of us are host of tremendous spiritual possibilities but we are not aware because we aren't channeling it to the right source. We believe we all have to hold mics and become Papa's and Mama's. No!

Not everyone is called to the sphere of religion.

Beloved, this night, I will want us to not just feel emotional but be intentional and truly stay with God to understand the exact role you are to play in this end time and for some of us, He would bring us specific individuals as s potrait and reference to where He has placed us in destiny. That's the concept of Spiritual tribes. It is not denominationalism.

Israel had 12 tribes each having specific functions for the well being as a nation.

And we all know Israel to prophetically represent the Church.

That the tribe of isachar who understood the times and seasons of what Israel ought to do existed didn't stop the uniqueness of those who were Levites etc.

 They all played their role effectively as a body.

That is the same thing with the Church.

Till the day Jesus comes, our doctrine and the Revelations and the ideologies we have captured as a people group, etc. Will never ever be the same.

A deeper life will never be a Christ Embassy till the day of rapture but we will all meet in Heaven.

So it's pertinent while the generals are gone, we who are rising come together in love and unity regardless of our doctrine and who we follow and see everything from the Lens or what God is doing.

Let's shun criticism, slander, hates, debates and all of those childish attitude and see everyone as a brethren.

I have so much still to say but I hope this blesses us.

Written by Ekemini Nelson


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