I would rather listen to my wife argue, fuss and nag whenever she's mad about something I did wrong or didn't do right. 

Don't be shocked brothers, every good woman has a little bit of a nag in her, even the proverbs 31 ones, a little bit of nag, the kind where she expresses her feelings without dishonouring your crown or disrespecting you as her king.

Screeming back at her, hushing her up everytime, telling her to be quiet or saying she's complaining when she wants to express herself will make her cold and under-appreciated. Don't do that, it is even against the cardinal laws of marriage to tell a woman that she's nagging, even when you know clearly that she is.

Trust me when I say this broz, dealing with a woman's running mouth is much more easier than dealing with a woman's SILENCE. 

I don't know about you, everyone is different with unique ways of handing a fight, but the key to a drama and a quarrel free relationship is to not talk deep or serious or confront anything important when I'm emotional, because in that state I'm not rational. 

Give me some space to think about what I did or didnt do wrong. Give me some time to think about how I should have handled that situation better, or what I should have done differently.

If it's possible, hug or hold me close. Let me collect my thoughts and feelings first, then, when I'm calm we can talk. Or rather, when I'm calm I'll start the talking, I will start the peace setting.

In our moment of anger and disagreement, do not cut out all the things you do for me when we are in a happy season. Serve me that dinner like a king, serve me in my favourite dish. Still bring me drinking water like you use to, still ask me if the pepper is not too much for me.

Take up your spoon and eat beside me, just like you would if I nothing ever happened. Keep up the dinner conversation, ask me how it went with the mechanic, ask me how many deals I closed.

 Talk to me about our kids, tell me about the report from school, our fight has nothing to do with them. I know our emotions are at war right now but ask me if I'm full, or if I need more soup. Run me a hot bath like you used to. Select the tie that fits my suit, just as you always do to help me look smart for work. Let me collect my thoughts and feelings, then we can talk about it from the position of peace.

Always remember this, we will fight better when we fight from a position of love. 


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