It's really not a sin for a sister of marriageable age to be attracted to a single God fearing brother and vise versa. The feelings in themselves are very normal. It doesn't mean you aren't spiritual. What matters however is how you act on the feelings. 

Do you allow them control you? Dictate for you? Or do you go back to God for direction as to what to do?

I was in a similar situation when I met my husband. I had always admired his work from afar. I fell in love with one of the movies he did, 'Ignition' because it ministered deeply to me. I must have watched it over 20 times. It always brought hope and comfort everytime I watched it because of the breakup I had just experienced around the time the movie was released.

When I finally met him at the mount zion institute a few months later when he came to teach us, I had a hard time believing my eyes. That the same person I always watched on TV was before me giving a lecture. I liked what I saw, a handsome, good looking, respectful, humble, God fearing young man who taught with so much grace.

I don't know if it was just me but his class was extremely funny. I laughed and laughed and really wished it didn't have to end. After the class, many people went to greet him and took pictures with him but knowing myself and the fact that I didn't want to get emotionally entangled (because I knew I was already liking him), I jejely borrowed myself some sense and went to my room.

When I got to my room, I started reciting to myself "Emmanuela you aren't going to think about him, you aren't going to talk about him and you aren't going to like him". I was doing motivational speaking to myself lol😂🤣. Did it work? Nope.

By afternoon, when I realised he had left, I was sad. I went to cry to God that I was tired of my emotions playing tricks on me. I was comforted by the Holy Spirit and received strength to take my mind off him. And I did. Shortly after, he proposed, one thing led to the other and we are here today 😁

What I am trying to bring out from this is, if you like someone, it doesn't mean you aren't spiritual. God Himself gave us these feelings to spice up our marriage. However as a single person, it is important to put the feelings in check. They should not control you. If the feelings are seemingly getting out of hand, talk to God about them. Gist with Him as you would a friend and you'd be amazed how much help you'll receive. It's okay to let tears flow in God's presence. He'll wipe them and fill you with His joy and peace.

So next time those feelings come, don't condem yourself. You know what to do, talk to your heavenly Father and receive strength and direction.

God bless!

-Emmanuella Mike Bamiloye


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