As transcribed by David Loh

One day He (the Lord) asked me, "do you know who I am?" I said "yeah, I do". 

"Do you really know me?" And I said, "yes", I said "who are you", I said "you are the Lord Jesus Christ" and He said to me, "you don't know me yet". 

So I got confused a little bit and He took me right back to the scriptures and started showing me the different encounters that people had had with Him, starting from Abraham and He asked me about the encounter and the names that Abraham gave Him, and the name that Job gave Him and the name that Moses gave Him and all of these people gave the Lord names. 

So all the names that we refer to as Jehovah this and all that, these were not God, you know, calling Himself. They were things that people who encountered Him gave Him. So those are actually nicknames. They were not His name, God is nameless because a name is the limitation of the expression of that thing. So when you tell somebody, you are a gift. It means that's all you are. So, your prophecy for the rest of your life remains at that. So a name is the limitation, the total limitation of the expression of that thing or of that person. So once He was asked by Moses, tell me what is your name? and He simply said, "I AM", meaning I have no name. 

Because the moment you have a name for Him that's His limits, He can't go beyond that. So, He asked me. "What did you see here?" I said "I see a pattern and the pattern is that, you know, whoever encountered you, gave you a name". Anyone that actually met with God, gave God his own name. And the Lord asked me, "if you Iove me, and if you know me, what is my name?" ...and I had no name, I had no name for Him, it was very painful that I had boasted "I knew you", I had you know I had done bring down the Glory 1, I had done Glory 2, urmm I even did Glory 3! and I still did not know Him. 

So one day, it was a Wednesday evening service and we were... in fact, I was even the one doing the backup that day. Pastor Lara Olugbemi one of my singers was the one leading the worship that day and I was somewhere directly behind her. I think I was to her left side behind. 

And we went on and on and on and I thought she shouldn't have stopped when she stopped but she was so time conscious because it was time for the preacher my elder brother to take over and start ministering. So she missed the point instead of responding to the Holy Spirit. She responded to the man of God and time. And so she stopped singing so we would all go down and, you know, usher Reverend Phillip Paul Mokungah to take over the pulpit and the moment she did that, I felt crossed!!! and there I was every other person had started going down. So I came to her collected the microphone since I was, you know, the music director. And as I stood there, I told the Lord. "I think I know who you are". 

And He said, "who am I?" And I simply opened my mouth without ever thinking and composing it or whatever. I just said;

"Master of the Universe you are the conqueror and you are the king. You are the Master of every Universe, You are the Emperor and you are riding on wings. You are the head over principalities..." (sings softly)

Never composed, never precomposed. I was right there when the song just came alive and right at that moment. I heard the Lord say "now you know me", because I called Him by a name that no one ever called Him before and that was when I knew that I had a covenant with the Lord.



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