There remains therefore a rest for the people of God. Hebrews 4:9

A beautiful truth and reality we have in Christ which many aren’t experiencing yet is our being in His rest, ever since we came into Him. You see, God worked out creation in 6 days then God made the seventh day, and in that day He rested. (Gen 2:3). 

Man as a creation was supposed to live all the days of His life in the seventh day, which is God’s rest, and that’s how man lived until the deception and fall, through the woman and Adam.So man came into the day of toil and struggle and had nothing work easily for Him again. He lost His place, and needed salvation. But you see, Christ came to us and He did something beautiful! 

He is the day of salvation and He is the sabbath. He is the day of God’s rest. Hallelujah! One who comes to Christ is expected to have put their burden and weight on Him and receive His rest (Matthew 11:28). But many don’t know this. 

So they come to Him and  still try to carry their burdens and yokes on themselves. (Like those Christians looking for who to break “the curse on them.” They’ve refused to believe that Jesus has done it. (Galatians 3:13). They’ve refused to enter God’s rest.Don’t be like that. In Christ you have rest. Receive it and cease from your toil. That’s how He wants you to live, free and victorious. Choose to be in His rest. You’re blessed. 

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