Few months ago, almost all things made no sense to me. As I looked around me, I don't even know what should be my reaction. Cry? Flair up? Get irritated or become depressed? Or possibly do all of them at the same time?

To be sincere I don't know.

Nothing seems useful to me at that very moment, for it seems my emotions were buried.

For the past twenty-three years of my life, I have never been so empty. I felt so much load on my neck possibly too heavy for me to bear. 

That phase shouldn't have been for a young guy of my age. At least not for me. 

After so much effort, investment and time.

I have believed to serve God all my life on this campus and there I am at the final stage confronted with trouble much heavier than I could bear.

If at all challenges should come, it shouldn't have been this.

Me! Spill what? How did this happen to me? How is it possible that I failed two courses at the last stage of my stay in school?

These were the most pressing questions I needed answers to at that particular time.

Then, nothing in this world would make sense to me no matter how it seems to be.

I have read so many books and listened to a lot of sermons on Faith but it seems to be the hardest thing to act out.

Honestly, you wouldn't know it is not that easy until you are confronted with things that need you to apply those things you have studied.

Everyone already started making clearance and it dawned on me that I am spilling over for sure.

"There is never going to be magic about this," I said to myself.

Many tried to comfort me to no avail. For me, what matters is that they don't know and understand the intensity of what I am passing through.

During those trying times, instead of giving in to prayer and studying, I completely withdrew from those things.

They all become strangers to me and what I am only acquainted with are my thoughts and fears.

Then, one fateful day, I stumbled on a poster which I wasn't intentional about reading its contents but I read it by default. Whatever compel me to read it, I don't know but I knew that struck a part of my heart. And the contents goes thus "Faith isn't small to be limited to only small battles. Apply it to things that seem so much impossible on the scale of humanity".

I got home that day and I opened my Bible for the first time in many days.

Surprisingly, the first part that opened was Jeremiah 32:27 and it asked me "Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh: is there anything too hard for me?"

Immediately, I knew something has gone wrong. I broke down in sincere tears and said to him "This battle shouldn't have become mine if I haven't taken it upon myself. Now, I admit that these things seem not possible to me before but with you, I win this battle".

I was restored, my sanity and my normal way of living. I already forgot that I wouldn't be graduating. I completely trusted in God to do something though I don't know how it going to be. Guess what?  it happened! 

Just a few days ago, I received a letter from my school telling me to come for my clearance as I would be graduating with my fellow students.

When men asked me "How did it happen?" my reply has always been "I don't know but God did it because Faith in him is real".

I don't know what you are passing through right now. Perhaps, it is similar to my experience or quite different.

The situation doesn't matter. Yes, it doesn't.

What matters now is that God is there, ready to accept you and whatever it is that you are facing.

These battles are not for us. Human connection can do something but God would do much more.

You have possibly lost whatever hope there is that should remain but I am affirming to you now that *"Faith is real, it is tangible and is evident*

We have not come to this reality possibly because we have limited our Faith to a few things we thought mattered.

The faith I know is strong, tenacious, unwavering, helpful, supportive and real.

Once again *" Faith is real"*. Take it and go forth to conquer things that seem too mighty to be conquered. 

 ©️ Faith Agi.


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