Most of us are praying for destiny helpers.

Which is actually not a bad thing.

But I will like to ask you.

If your destiny helper comes today, can you say you are prepared to maximise the opportunity?

I know many of us will rush and say "yes", but when it comes down to practice, many of us fail

I have seen so many young people who pray for opportunity but when it comes, they disregard it

They lose the opportunity and then they start praying for another opportunity all over again.

So while you are praying for your destiny helper to locate you, you must prepare yourself ahead.

Preparations help you not only to recognise a destiny helper, but also equip you to act wisely.

So start investing in yourself now, in readiness for your seasons of breakthrough and victory.

Don't wait; start today.

- Invest in your personal development.

- Enrol for that class.

- Go learn that skill.

- Learn from that mentor.

- Attend that conference.

- Buy and read that book.

- Save and invest.

- Learn social etiquette and manners.

- Make yourself presentable.

Just keep preparing and preparing, while you patiently wait for your moment of manifestation

So that when your destiny helper shows up, it is easier for both of you to recognise each other.

Stop making it hard for your destiny helper to help you.

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