Basic Mathematics of life

It is funny enough how the topics been taught in our elementary knowledge of mathematics are truly and evidently  the basics  and principles of life itself;


Inequality: The fate of how few the days of the good and righteous persons are on earth compared to the length of days the wicked live,perpetuating evil in the lives of men....The rich get richer and poor get poorer.....Life


Linear equation: Just like an innocent neonate born into this world ,with the company of his family and all he saw around, you thought and resolved that the dealings of the world are smooth and linear. but no, the intent of man's heart has made it a crooked *Quadratic equation*, tough and rough. ...

Hmm..paddled and saddled with thoughts and strategies on how to run this life, Came an option of the *Simultaneous equation*, There at the sea of life ,you sat to draw bar charts and pie charts of survival with the knowledge of *Graphical method*.. 

To a stage of maturity, you grew,Here comes the stage of Substitution method

substituting your mother with your wife and your  father with your husband in a bit to continue the *Arithmetic and Geometric Progression* of the lineage...

Lo..As ages came by, babes grew to brides and youths to kings and just like the Ecclesiastes said " No man has power to retain the spirit or authority over the day of death " Then the eliminator came with the 

Elimination method to a cause a sleep of no wake... Aahhh....Vanity upon vanity...All is vanity, Why not meet and settle with divinity for the  journey to eternity while it is day for night cometh......

If the eliminator comes with elimination method, are you ready?? Of what will you be remembered of??

Life! Life!! ...

What is this life??

When the main thing I should be after is not in the menu


© Precious Okorie

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