The Stage before the Stage

I listened to Pst Nathaniel bassey talk about hours and days of rehearsals before going for a ministration. Same with Dunsin and some other music ministers and I got thinking. I mean why all those days and long hours of rehearsals for just a 25mins ministration? Then I found out that there's a *Stage before the Stage*

The first stage talks about *Seasons and moments of preparations*.

At this time, you don't have an audience. 

My God! I know the stress of just playing the sofa notes on an acoustic guitar and yet that's not even the song.

Many want to shine and show up on the second stage but are ignoring the first.

The first stage is where you pay the price of consistency. It's here you gain mastery where no one is watching. It's that point when God pushes away invitation from you not because he hates you but because he's pruning you.

It's here you build character, it's here you build intimacy with Him.

Your appearing on the second stage will only reveal how deep your intimacy with him is or if you are faking it.

The first stage is where you learn obedience, humility,the word, etc.

It's always not a funny period but the one that will last on the second stage is the man pruned and tried by fire.

I write to encourage those of us going through dark season(s) that there is light at the end.

Just make sure you don't skip classes.

The errors you fail to correct on the first stage will definitely show up on the second.

God's grace to you as you journey through that path

Let us pray


Benjamin Enweruzo

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