The Lord told Kenneth Copeland to go to ORU in 1963, but it would take him until December 1966 to obey Him. 

Kenneth hadn’t been in school for 13 years. God told him “I sent you here to go to school, and I’ll take care of you. You go take a full load of classes.” 

One day, Kenneth felt compelled by the Spirit to go to the last floor with the elevator. His first reaction was to say “Lord, that’s like the Vatican! That’s where Brother Roberts’ office is. They don’t let us go up there!” But the response he got was “You do what I tell you. They work for me.” 

Kenneth told the receptionist that he was a qualified commercial pilot and could help the ministry. When he turned around to leave, he ran head-on into Oral Roberts. The 6 feet tall Oral Roberts looked like he was 8 feet tall to Kenneth. Oral introduced himself offering his hand and saying “My name is Oral Roberts. Did I hear you say you’re a commercial pilot? Can you handle our plane?” “Yes Sir, I can”, responded Kenneth. Oral said “Two weeks ago we started to hire a co-pilot for the evangelistic team’s airplane, but the Lord told me not to do it. He said that there was a student coming that He wanted to have the job. You’re my man.” 

That’s how Kenneth became Oral Roberts’ personal pilot. Oral would later mentor Kenneth in the healing ministry. Soon afterwards, Kenneth became Oral’s pilot, driver and protégé in the ministry and he was asked by Oral to to help him pray for the sick.

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