from the desk of Bro Gbile - Part Two


One day, I left Katsina-Ala to preach in Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria, a journey of about a hundred and twenty kilometres. The transport fare then was four naira. When I left home, all I had was four naira and twenty kobo and I took it all. It is mine to obey, it is his to provide. As I preached the Holy Ghost came down and the young people were filled with the Spirit. 

I had not yet a sense of how to return home, and I needed to send my nephew who was living with me to school. The following day, when I was leaving for that meeting, I sent him to my friend's house for him to be taken care of over the weekend; but out there I was stranded

When I finished preaching, those young people brought me some money. I refused to collect it saying that they should not bother; yet as I was rejecting the money they brought I had no clue of how to get back home. I made a mistake. I did not know through whom God would meet my need that day. 

Those young men tried to persuade me to take the money (twelve naira), but I refused. I had an engineer friend living in that town then. Any time I was in town, I went to his house. So on that day I said I would go there and he would meet my need. 

"Woe unto him who puts his trust in man". 

Unfortunately when I got there, neither he nor his wife was around. The house maid who ought to know me because I was a frequent visitor in that house, stood at the door and said 

"When he was going out, he said I should not open the door for anyone" 

I said "Don't you know me?" 

She answered "Sir, I don't want to be rude but I am acting on instruction" 

In order to show her that I was a very intimate friend, I mentioned their names saying 

"But where is Bill, and where is Miriam" 

She said "They are all out, and they didn't tell me you are coming sir"

And I had not eaten that day. I was not supposed to fast, but there was no food to eat; so I left and said to myself "Well, Dr. Ajonye is there". Then I went to his house only to find the doors locked. Nobody was at home. He had traveled to Sierra Leone. 

Then I said Chris is there, I would go to him . ..when I got to Chris's house, he also was not there. It was getting dark I said "God, where will I sleep today?" I should have returned home but because there was no transport fare, I could not. Yet I couldn't return to the boys who had begged me to take the twelve naira. So I went and slept somewhere. There was no food for me because nobody was there. 

I was scheduled to preach in Katsina-Ala the following day, so I went by faith to stand by the roadside believing that something will happen; but nothing happened. That was because God needed to show me that vain is the help of man. I stood by the road side but no vehicle stopped to give me a ride. The one that eventually stopped took me a short distance and asked for my transport fare. When I said I had no money the driver yelled at me "What do you want me to use to buy petrol? Get down!" 

I felt bad and said "God, why is it like this?" He said "You missed my provision for the work. I made a provision of twelve naira for that journey but you missed it because you were looking up to your friends for help". ...God saw me through but I had to repent of my arrogance. I missed my preaching engagement that day. I only managed to get home at 4 p.m. the following day. 

A journey of one and a half hours took me one and half days, because I missed the divine consignment, as my eyes were fixed on men.




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