How A Prostitute Conspired With The Journalist To Destroy Kenneth E. Hagin's Ministry

_Apostle Johnson Suleman narrates..

One time, God ministered to Kenneth E. Hagin to minister to prostitutes for 2years. He never wanted to tell his wife, he said because his wife is very jealous...(there are women like that, they are very jealous but there is something you do that trigger their jealousy).

Kenneth E. Hagin later told his wife; Honey, the Lord said I should minister to prostitutes. His wife said, "what, of all women, why prostitute?". Kenneth E. Hagin said, "that's what the Lord said"

One time, he was walking on the road and he saw a prostitute going, he told the prostitute he will be coming to minister to her and the lady gave him, her address.

While he was going, he got to the door and the Lord told him to go with his wife and he was like "O oooooo".

He went back and took his wife along. When they got there, he was about to knock on the door, the wife said, "Honey, go back, stand behind, let me knock on the door".

She knocked and they ask, "who is that?" And she said, "Mrs Hagin". 

All the lady heard was "Hagin". As soon as she opened the door, she pulled the person (Hagin's wife) and grabbed the person, she was naked and there were cameras all over the room. She thought it was Hagin himself she pulled in. They began snapping and recording with cameras.

The prostitute has conspired with journalist that Hagin was coming. As soon as she pulled, she felt it was the man, not knowing it was the woman.

Hagin's wife screamed, "Honey, go to the car". Hagin took off.

If He was a secret person, his wife would have read it on the pappers..




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