A sister was in a "canopy " with a brother for close to three years. She told all the single brothers that asked her hand in marriage that she was in a relationship. 

Most of the brothers that wanted to marry her then later got married. She probably thought that the undefined relationship would lead to marriage, only for the brother to come to her house one day with his wedding invitation. She fainted, as she could not withstand the shock

Canopy Ministry is an act by which a brother who has not really proposed to you is pretending he is in a relationship with you thereby sending wrong signal to people, and blocking all other potential husbands that may want to propose to you. It is also known as “shadowing or umbrella ministry”. He won't come in and he won't allow those who wants to come in... 


A lot ladies have missed their marital breakthrough because of this.... 

Define your relationship to avoid wasted time and regret. 

Don’t build your life, destiny and relationship on assumption! 

When a brother hangs around you all the time or try to "canopy" your life, sit him down and ask him " Are you the "Messiah" or I should be expecting another one? So that you can know where you stand. 

Don’t accept a relationship that is going nowhere. Let no one hold you down for no reason. 

Don't go into a relationship with a man who is not ready to settle down In the next 1 year or 2.. Dating an unserious person is a waste of time and resources.

Avoid a relationship that adds no value to your life. Avoid a relationship that has no future. Avoid any relationship that has no direction, purpose or aim. 

If all you do is to sleep with each other instead of building your relationship on sexual purity and discussing things that will benefit your life then that relationship is a waste of time and destiny. Run for your dear life... Avoid any relationship that will keep you far away from God.

When you see signs that a relationship can't work, there is no need remaining into it. You are not a TREE. flee from it. Don't keep managing. Time is an expensive commodity! 

Avoid time-wasters. Life is too short to be wasted on an undefined relationship. 

Let your relationship be defined.. ✍✍

May your marital timing not be wasted by a "canopy minister" 😊😊😊


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