I am Chris, a young minister; a drama minister to be precise. 

Though, I don't know how to start this. However, I have to do this to save as many as possible from this very thing which many though seems on the outside to have neglected but is eating them up within.

As said earlier, I was a minister, a fire branded one at that.

Yeah! you wouldn't doubt this as I hardly have a ministration where encounters wouldn't take place.

Healing, deliverance, transformation and several encounters are not unusual in meetings and programs.

So, I was a fireman.

Did I tell you I belong to a drama group?

Yes! I did not only belong to the drama group but was the leader of the Unit both in my Fellowship and Faculty.

Testimonies keep flowing in at every point of ministration or the other.

Lives were touched, addictions bowed, molestation was cast off from lives, the depressed received their comfort and many strange things which are beyond my comprehension kept happening.

I keep on passing messages through my drama and lives were being transformed through those messages.

There were earnest manifestations down here on earth.

The level of invitations was second to Non.

But........Oh my God! Ah, how would I pass this across?

Hmmm.....I have to pass it across to save many as holding it back would be detrimental.

There was an earnest manifestation of power here on earth through drama. It was not for fun as people virtually got healed and delivered from satanic oppression during and after the drama ministrations. the healer himself healed?

No! I wasn't. I was not healed. Ah Jesus!

I was going through a lot, yet I continued to minister at the expense of my soul.

What shall it profit me if I gained the whole world and loses my soul? Nothing.

People are getting healed through my ministration, yet I need healing.

My ministrations preached against so many things, yet I am caught up in them and need to break out from them.

I counselled people through those powerful dramas, their lives got changed, yet my life is suffering and earnestly in want of a change.

Is change not available? Of course, it was but I was the problem! My heart was sealed against the truth.

I was a drug addict whose drama is changing lives from drug addiction, yet I remain on a spot.

When I got on stage, I become holy and acceptable by men but on the weighing scale of heaven, was I anything? No!

My drama has transformed many to become the doer of the word while I was so defiant to the doing of the word of God.

Pretence becomes the order of the day.

I remember Tolani. God bless him for me. He once told me this after a ministration "Chris, beyond what you are doing for the Kingdom, God seeks to use what you do as a platform to moulding you too. He is interested in your soul more than whatever you are doing there on stage. Ponder on this" he told me but I was too blindsided by activities and manifestations. 

Several warning signals kept coming to me but it seems I was more interested in the drama than what God seek in me.

To make matters worse, I live on drugs to be very active on stage.

It was just something that started as a joke until it aggravated to something which my capacity couldn't hold anymore.

That is why you need to be careful of the little fire because it can burn down the whole forest.

I know it sounds so strange to hear that a drama minister lived or depend on drugs to be active on stage. Well, that is the tip of the iceberg compared to other things which I engaged in.

I was caught in the act of fornication, I become a potential liar and pride become the order of the day.

I thought you would have asked this question which I asked several times; "Why is there still a manifestation of power despite all these?".

Well, I got the answer. Going through all these, God is aware but that doesn't stop the flow of his power down here on earth.

The mistake I made was not going back to God as earlier as possible.

Oh! how I wish I retraced back my steps earlier than this but now that I know, there is no more condemnation.

The position I occupied was given higher authority to that which God wants from me.

I become brutal and rude to his leadings and dealings.

Even though anointing was flowing on stage, behind the scene I was an alien to God.

Now that I know, Jesus!

I know that I was proud and disobedient.

I understand that he seeks my soul even as he seeks me to serve him.

I realised that I was sick and needed heavenly medical attention.

I now acknowledge that I need help more than any other thing from God.

I can't help myself, it is a reality that I refuse to open my heart to before now.

Are you not sick?

It is a Nurse or a Doctor who is in the right state of mind that is safe for practice.

Are you safe for practice?

Dear Music minister, are the lyrics of your song not against your lifestyle?

Dear Teacher, how well have you been taking corrections and rebuke from those teachings of the holy spirit?

Dear Counsellor, it is beyond counselling others, what does your life entail behind the stage?

Dear Writer, how well do you allow those words to redirect your steps?

Dear Father or Mother, you ask that child not to do those things, are you serving an example?

I now understand that the call of God to work with him as a Co-labourer is such that he can thoroughly furnish us unto every good works as we walked with him.

His desire is such that the things we are doing are not at the expense of our soul.

Oh, how precious a soul is to God.

What shall be said of a man who gains the whole world and his soul is nowhere to be found?

It is not too late to do something.

Admit, forsake and surrender all to God.

The position would not make up for your soul. 

I know you might be passing through a similar situation. A situation where you help others out but you are unable to fathom why you are facing the same thing or in chains of that which you are helping others to overcome. Until you surrender to him, nothing would happen.

Castaway all forms of pride and come to Jesus

Come now to Jesus!

Only he can save and deliver you completely.

It is a condition of the heart.

Faith Agi.

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  1. This is a great piece,more grace to you.