Dear Kingdom Herald,

A messenger of God, designed and fashioned by the great maker.

God's message carrier, the errands bearer.

Know ye not that no man is here to be passive?

As long as you are breathing, you are a Herald.

Locate your message and pass it across to the people concerned.

Know ye not that this journey is designed to be in a precept upon precept?

Process! Lack of it to some extent have affected us.

Has the process gone into extinction? Absolutely No!  There is an availability of process but a great absence of men who are ready to go through it. 

Some don't even know the kind of food which is best for their well-being. Perhaps they know but are too much in haste to wait for the one which they ought to take.

Know the kind of food you eat (process), Fast food doesn't last.

If you make yourself fast food on earth and you are consumed, you would be welcome in heaven but you would not receive a well-done. 

It is never enough to desire to be like the men of old, who are full of grace and power. If you must be like them, you must do the things they do to become who they are. If I must be like them, I must be ready to sacrifice what they sacrifice to become who they are. 

When a man goes through the right template designed for his life, his Vision and Purpose would outlive him.

Our Visions and purpose must outlive us.


Be careful of running ahead of God. A man who run ahead of God (his source) would soon afterwards die off.

A man who jumps out of divine processing would just be made nothing but a shallow well not deep enough to even last his generation not to talk of the coming ones.

Timing! More than Knowing the Vision, we must know the timing.

Your timing may not be the timing of another. My timing might be entirely different from yours. Know and Understand yours!

When a man knows his timing, unnecessary pressures and intimidations would be kicked out of his life.

Know and Understand that a vision would not respond to pushing, it would only respond to the right key that would set it on a flight. Identity the one for your life.

As a Herald, watch out for this in you;

 1. LIFE: The first thing God wants us to have as Heralds is life.

In this end-time agenda, God does not require noisemakers. He needs men that can fight with life in them.

When the centurion asked Jesus to speak just a word, he knew Jesus carries power and a word from him would in no wise be void of power.

Aren't you tired of the year to year routine?

Afflictions and Molestations everywhere and you are comfortable with it?

Do you want to be just a man of words? It is okay now!

As for me, I either have power or nothing.

Goliath can't be roaring on and on while we claim to have the power of God in us.

Demons are not interested in your performance or posture in place of prayer.

No one care if you have a first-class degree as a tongue speaker.

Show us power and we will know you have a say in the Kingdom.

Men of Kingdom are men of power and men of Power are the men of Kingdom.

They know the men with power and men that are void of it.

Go back to your source and garner enough power for this journey. 

Let us just imagine the ministry of Jesus void of power.

Let us just imagine the ministry of the Apostles void of Miracles, Signs and Wonders.

It would have been meaningless!

Note: Power is not the backup of Ministry, it is Life. Power without life is death.

It is a burden, make a shift!

Yes, it is good that we want to take the mountain of Media, Education, Arts and Entertainment, Family, Government and Religion but he won't want us to take it in that noise-making way, he would love us to take it in power backup with actions loaded with life.

John 10:10 says "The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly."

Men that would be able to overcome the above devices of the thief, Killer and Destroyer are men full of Life (Jesus).

In the wilderness! Where God gives life is in the Wilderness. Can you stay enough?

Where you would be trained on how to respond to certain situations in life.

Where you would be trained on how to react and deal with different kinds of men.

Before you seek power, you must learn Love,  humility, patient, self-control, self-discipline among many other virtues. They would help keep the power.

A season has come when God wants to give men sight.

When men that have true sight outgrow those with fake sight, false witnesses would reduce.

Exodus 4 (Those who see and said are the true witness).

God would be sending you to see sometimes not to act or work. Observation first before the conclusion.

You must even subject yourself to some authorities. Process; that which you mustn't jump out of.

Men and Women who have laid footprints that would be followed from generation to generation lack no life.

 2. YOUR STAND: Standard Heralds are the ones that always stand before God. 

Elijah! Elijah!! Elijah!!! A man who always stand before God.

Even if he is with men, he always affirmed to be standing before God. It is a continuous process.

Elijah and Elisha were relevant in their days because they stand before God continuously.

Elijah always hears God per time because he always stands before God. God's presence was always with him.

The hand of God was always upon him because he never left his presence, not for any reason.

Let us see some scriptural evidence of Elijah's and Elisha's affirmation of them standing before God.

Elijah unto Ahab "And Elijah the Tishbite, who was of the inhabitants of Gilead, said unto Ahab, As the LORD God of Israel liveth, before whom I stand, there shall not be dew nor rain these years, but according to my word."

Elijah Unto Obadiah in 1 Kings 18:15

"And Elijah said, As the LORD of hosts liveth, before whom I stand, I will surely shew myself unto him today."

Elisha unto the King of Israel in 2 Kings 3:14

"And Elisha said, As the LORD of hosts liveth, before whom I stand, surely, were it not that I regard the presence of Jehoshaphat the king of Judah, I would not look toward thee, nor see thee."

Elisha unto Naaman in 2 Kings 5:16

"But he said, As the LORD liveth, before whom I stand, I will receive none. And he urged him to take it, but he refused."

They know what to do and what to say per time because they always acknowledge the presence of God in their lives.

Before you can hear from God, you must first stand before him. 

Just assume someone to be talking to you and you are walking away. What would be the aftermath?

You would never be able to pick all the words of the person let alone have the full message. This is how it is from God to a messenger.

To fully get that which God is passing across to us per time, we must consistently stand in him, on him, with him and before him.

According to 1 Kings 10:8, it is wise not to leave the presence of God not even for once.

Wisdom demands that we always abide in God's presence as messengers.

We all know what happened to Samson after God's presence departed from his life.

It is a great thing to dwell in his presence, abide!

3. POP UP EARS TO HEAR: Heralds are men that have ears to hear and whatever they hear, they thoroughly do. 

It is not all about hearing what indicate and point you out as a true messenger is a decree to which you act on that which you hear.

God speaks even amid chaos and it takes only men that are intentional enough to be able to pick the message for the season.

Regarding that Situation, God might have been saying something and if you are not careful enough, you won't know.

When other men are carried away by circumstances, kingdom heralds are hooked up to get a message that will give lives headway out of it.

Stillness during storms just like Jesus Christ and you would be able to get the signals of the season.

4.  PURGED MOUTH (TONGUE): God is not looking for men of eloquence. 

He is not interested in men that can rattle on and on in grammar. This is not to say that God cannot choose eloquent men but it is to bring to our consciousness that God can make use of anyone for his work.

He is looking for men that will be so sincere with the message he would be handing over to them.

The gospel must be preached undiluted such that the cross can be made relevant.

Men that would squiz the word to suit themselves are not the men on demand.

Creation earnestly awaits men that would be obedient enough to say that which they are asked to say irrespective of how inconvenient it might seem. 

Not men that will add or remove from the message given unto them per time just to win the accolades and praises from men.

Men like Micaiah the Son of Imlah would never say blue is black or black is red.

A Purged tongue that will help them guide into when to speak, when not to speak, what to speak and how to speak even in day to day living and relationship with God and men.

Heralds are men who already signed out to live for the course for which they are sent.

To that School, you are a Herald.

To that relationship, you are a Herald.

To that Family, you are a Herald.

To that Ministry, you are a Herald.

To that Friendship, you are a Herald.

Support where and When necessary.

Correct and Reprove when and where necessary.

Always remain humble and teachable. This is one of the secrets of men that are highly graced.

Live for this course with all your heart that you may boldly declare "I have fought the good fight of Faith, I have finished my course".

God help us to finish this course excellently well as Friend, Colleague, Leader, Child, Husband, Wife, Parent and God's Elect. Amen!

Faith Agi.

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