I saved this picture to show my son years later, about how I gave my consent for his mother to minister on the pulpit with a big and obvious stomach at a meeting, because I wanted him to have an early opportunity to experience how it feels like to release an overwhelming anointing into the lives of the generation that God has entrusted to his Shepherdship, just like Jesus did at the first sight of John. 

The son of God, couldn't even wait for Mary's water to break, right from the womb, he released an illuminating anointing and baptized John the Baptist with the Holy Ghost who was also in the belly of his mother Elizabeth. So just incase you are wondering how John was baptised, there you go, he was already surrounded by water in his mother's womb, Jesus supplied the Spirit.

What an early experience of the power and might of God these two babies had. Bible says Elizabeth leaped for joy. Halleluyah! That joy was as a result of an overflow of the tongues John uttered when the the annointing hit him.

So only my wife and I knew that she wasn't the one ministering in this meeting, but the little man in the womb who was getting people drunk with the Holy Ghost.

Halleluyah! The goal is to become a supernatural parent and nothing else!

Yes, Nothing else!

You see why celebrating your sexual abstinence is still not the climax of your godly relationship. Not visiting each other's house in your courtship is still a level for babes. Abstaining from sex is beautiful, oh wonderful, but there is more! More levels, more!!!! 

There are higher spiritual goals after that, one of which is to be the parent who will say to your child at 18; 

"This is what God told me about you at your birth..."

At 35 your children are still chasing motivational speakers up and down to help them discover their purpose? 

What have you been doing dear Parent? 

What dimension of God did you trap on their behalf?

 It is no longer enough to pray for pregnancy and have it, we want to carry the seed of Jacob, we want to continue the covenant heritage of Abraham, we want to preserve the bloodline of prophets according to Elijah.

We don't just want to raise a president as a son or daughter, we want to sustain the order of Moses, a leader who can turn a rod into a snake and cause water to come of out a rock.


Postnatal photoshoots!😭😭

Baby shower!😭😭

Father shower!😭😭

Using google to search for phonetic baby names to name your children that will rhyme with their surname.


If your son was Isaac, how beautiful would it be for you to hear God say to him at a difficult stage of his life;

"Relax Rohi, this battle is mine, because I made a covenant vow to your mother"

How beautiful it is to know that your children can never experience failure in life because  you have never failed God.🔥🔥

The goal is becoming a SUPERNATURAL PARENT.

You open a savings account for your children when they are born. but have you opened a covenant account with God for them too?

Or your prayer candle burnt out the moment you were confirmed to be pregnant, next big thing for you became shopping for baby clothes.😭

The Baby Jesus learnt the world's system of communicating with Angels early from his parents who were hosting Angels on a daily in their home.

Will you give your children the opportunity to have a first hand experience of the Holy Spirit right in your bedroom as a host? 

Or they should just wait until when they are 25 to start struggling with discerning the presence of God?😭

Are you a supernatural parent?

Have you vowed to become one?

Oh deep burderns(tears)

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