“I was the cultist ‘chief Priest’, yet, the Holy Spirit was hovering over me” – Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo COZA

The Commonwealth of Zion church senior Pastor, Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo made this remark in his sermon at the inaugural service of the newly found COZA LUGBE CAMPUS.


Although God has placed a lot in you, if He doesn’t refine those things, they are not marketable.

I was very young when I got to the University, I did not even know anything about cultism. I grew up in Ilorin, a conservative atmosphere. I didn’t even know what they were doing, I only went for a party and it turned out to be that. I saw that everybody was wearing the same uniform and one guy was wearing white, I tapped my friend and said, “Who is that guy?”. He said “He’s the Chief Priest”. I then said I would soon be a Chief Priest, my friend replied, “Do you know what it means to be a Chief Priest?”, I said, “I know, I know what I have, I will be that thing”. In three months, I was the Chief Priest. What people don’t do in five years, some never get there and I didn’t know that the enemy was pushing me forward to take me out. Why I’m telling you this story is this, I was standing in the midst of very tough boys and I would hear a voice, “Biodun, what are you doing here?”. I was with the wrong people and the Holy Ghost was still hovering over me, “Biodun, what are you doing here?”. Darkness has engulfed you, but in the middle of that, the Holy Ghost is hovering over you. The word “hover” means to “brood”. An egg cannot become a chicken if the mother hen does not brood over it. God has been sitting on you for a while, it is time for your manifestation.

Although God has placed a lot in you, if He doesn’t refine those things, they are not marketable. Till Jesus comes, crude oil will be cheaper than normal petrol, raw corn will be cheaper than roasted corn, raw plantain would be cheaper than fried plantain. Why? The seller took it from its raw state and refined it. A log of wood can never be as expensive as furniture. You are not usable until you are refined. All the people that became a weapon in God’s hand were refined by fire. Malachi 3: 1-3 God handpicks those He wants to use from the crowd and He sits on them to refine them. Gold does not shine except it goes through fire. God will call you out to refine you. He is not looking for those who have ability, He is looking for those who have availability. Mark 4: 1- 11. Until you begin to think outside of your environment, allowing God to change you, your situation cannot change. If you follow their recipe, your cake will look and taste as exactly as theirs.

Light reveals things, light exposes darkness. For your life to change, the first thing is, ‘Light Be!’. Light is the Hebrew word “ore”, it means to illuminate. You must have understanding. After God said, ‘Let there be light’, the next thing He did was that He separated light from darkness. There are a lot of people who want to put one leg here and one leg there, you cannot advance like that. The next thing you must start creating is, an atmosphere. Until you let go of what is in your hand, a new thing cannot come to you. Abuja is better than Jos in economy and beauty but apples cannot grow in Abuja. Atmosphere is everything. God will not start with you big. He will first pick you out and refine you. The next thing that must be in your life is order.

God then told the earth to bring forth. The earth was brown and smelly yet it could bring forth something as beautiful as the hibiscus flower. God did not make animals; they came out of the ground. No wonder God was fighting for the earth, there were things there, much more than the eyes could see. Despite your faults, despite your mistakes, there is something that God is seeing. When God begins to raise you, cut some things away from you and add some things to you, then suddenly, what God has placed on your inside begins to come out. God did not make any useless person; you carry in your bosom something that would bless your generation. There are things they call you now, it is a prophecy but in the negative form. When I was a gangster, they call me ‘Priest’ and I reply, ‘For Life’. Any name they call you now is not real because it is only God that knows your beginning.

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