A lady visited her guy and met the kitchen dirty, I mean very dirty.

Everything in the kitchen was dirty, the plates, the pots, knife, sink, blender, cupboard, even the kitchen floor, everything was messed up.

When the lady asked the guy why the kitchen was that dirty, he gave the excuse that his cleaner has not come to clean house.

He left everything that way.

The lady was the one that shared the video online and the sight is an eyesore. I'm certain most of you have seen the video and heard the story. 

I'm sharing this post to say, dear lady don't marry a man that is not domesticated and is not willing to do anything about it. You will have a hard time in marriage.

Being domesticated is one of the skills that makes marriage easy. Food don't cook themselves. Floor don't sweep itself. The toilet and bathroom don't wash themselves. Clothes don't wash themselves. Babies don't take care of themselves. People are the one that will do all of these.

If you don't want to look older than your actual age, if you don't want to die of stress don't marry a man that doesn't know how to do anything in the house, like to cook, wash, sweep, mop, clean etc., and he's not willing to learn or do anything about it.

As a guy, learn to be domesticated. It's not a woman thing. It's a survival skill. Learn how to cook and do things in the house so you can be of help to your woman. 

Don't be the kind of husband that leaves everything for the wife to do. That's one of the quickest ways to make your wife to age quickly before her time and then you will start running after sidechicks because they look younger and beautiful than your wife. 

House chores is a family project. It's everyone's business and responsibility not just the wife alone.

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