I discovered by experience sometime ago that there are times we will find ourselves in situations where we cannot help people even if we want to.

I also discovered it is not every time that the gift of God in you and me can find expression to the fullest capacity.

It happened on a particular evening several years ago that I was at a popular eatery to get some snacks for my family.

While I was at the counter placing orders, I saw a very young man walking into the eatery with a young lady and from the way they were behaving, it was obvious to everyone present that these ones were in love, or do I say in lust? 

They were both engrossed in pecking, necking etc as if their lives depended on it. 

They came to the counter as well and they continued their lovey-dovey. 

I was initially disgusted with their lovey-dovey but I decided to mind my own business.

Suddenly I heard a voice telling me clearly, "Tunde, take a closer look at the young lady". I obeyed and to my greatest shock, I saw a tail dangling between her legs. It was a spiritual experience that could have scared anyone.

The voice went further " Tunde, this young man has carried what is heavier than him. And the fulfilment of his destiny is at stake. He is taking that girl home after leaving this place and he's going to sleep with her. And once he does that, he is doomed.. That girl is an agent of darkness"

"Haaaaa!" I screamed within me. Then I said within me "Is there a way I can warn this young man and make him know what I just saw?"

Another voice spoke within me, "What is your business? Are you related to the guy? On what grounds are you going to approach him? You want to be embarrassed, abi?"

I was still struggling with this voice when the two love birds were done with what they came for at the eatery. They both went out of the eatery. I followed. I saw the guy ushering the lady into a car.

A voice said, "Go and warn him! Tell him what you saw! Whether he believes you or not is up to him"

Another voice said, "Stay where you are. You better mind your business"

It was the sound of the ignition of the car by the young man that jolted me into consciousness. 

The young man drove off.

I felt very bad for not telling him what I saw. But I could remember saying, "Lord, please show mercy to that young man, whatever you can do to stop him from sleeping with that lady so as to preserve his destiny, please do it, Lord"

Whether that prayer was answered or not that night; I cannot tell.

This is part of the perils we face as seers. There are times you see things that you can do nothing about. It can be very painful.

Dear young man, There are some FUN that can lead to your FUNERAL. 

There are BOSOMS that can bring you to the BOTTOM. 

There are some CHESTS that can CHASE your Glory away.

May you not fall into satanic traps in Jesus name!



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