-Bishop David Oyedepo at Mid-week Communion Service

There is no one like Him. Celebrate and magnify Him. Give Him glory and praise. Ask Him to speak to you tonight, everyone. Jesus I want to hear from You tonight in Jesus precious name we have prayed.

God does not respond to our needs, He only responds to our obedience. Please take it away from there tonight. God never never responds to the needs of His people, He only responds to our obedience. My God.

He saw that young man lost his job since 2010, you won't suffer that. That followed through till 2015, then suddenly an instruction came and he dived into it and something turned supernaturally. God would have responded to His needs if that's what He does, but He's a Covenant keeping God, He's not a sympathizer. 

Whatever His Word does not permit Him to do, He cannot do it and He will not do it. He's a Covenant keeping God. Praise God.

Your needs are real but they don't move God a bit. My needs are real but they won't move God. Whatever He tells you to do, do it then you'll move Him. You don't do it, relax. Stay in the same spot, wait till forever. 

The great man of Syria, Naaman the leper, chief of defence staff of the great nation of Syria came to see the prophet to receive a prophetic touch. The prophet said "no no no", He said "Tell him to go to Jordan and deep yourself there seven times. Praise God. 

A small girl said "Look, the prophet is not the leper, you're the leper". He went and the 7th time when obedience was complete leprosy was gone. God responds to our obedience and not to our needs sir. 

As that testimony was going on God told me "Tell them I don't respond to your needs, you have won everybody's sympathy, the prophets, the apostles, the evangelists. You have moved them, they are passionate, they have prayed but I only respond to your obedience". 

Zechariah 7:13

The revival time provides open ended opportunities to demonstrate our obedience to God's instructions in a strange season designed for a dramatic change of story.  Yes you're born blind. Go to the pool called Siloam. Woman they're carrying your two sons away as collateral for the debt of your husband. No she came to the prophet for assistance, prophet said "What have you in your house? The pots were filled with oil. You mean there's someone who's a widow and two sons are being carried away still has to obey something? Don't play around with God. 

If you're not ready for obedience, go to another God. This God, there's what you must do for Him to step into your affairs. There's what we must do for Him to step into our affairs. I'm trying to let you know, no matter your condition sir, God is not moved. He's only moved by your obedience. 

So this young man's obedience moved God and He gave him a mouth watering testimony and allowances far beyond his qualification. God restored the years. He's a restorer of years. 

- In this revival many peoples wasted years shall be colourfully restored. 

"God knows my condition", He doesn't know, He only knows your obedience. God does not know your condition, He only reckons with your obedience. No reason under Heaven is tenable with God for disobedience. Find out why something is not working and then engage in obedience with what will make it work. 

There are some people now who are in need financially and then somebody gave you what you didn't ask for, just favour. God says "Let me find out whether he wants to come out of poverty so they gave you 10,000 then somebody said "Have you paid tithe? Tithe ko? So poverty continues. Somebody gave you, it is God who moved him to give you to find out whether you're ready to prosper or not. 

You find somebody crying because her groundnut fell while she was selling and the whole of that groundnut is 5 naira, and you just pass by. God says "This one is not ready for prosperity, he seems to be enjoying poverty". 

My needs and your needs will never move God. Let's stop telling God stories incase He doesn't know. "Lord incase You don't know, this is my 5th year of looking for a job" 

One of my sons heard me say "Obedience to God is what brought this ministry to the level it is and delightsome obedience is the key to supernatural breakthrough". He heard that and had an encounter for himself from

Luke 14:23

He began to pray passionately for unsaved souls, went out almost everyday for outreaches and kept inviting people to Church and followed up his converts to the point of establishment. He said his affairs did not matter much to him and amazingly this month he  got an employment offer from a company he submitted his CV two months ago. He was given a mouth watery offer with incentives far above his qualifications. Truly obedience to God is the vital key. 

From the few inspired statements that you have heard, you now know that your destiny is in your hand. Until you're ready to obey what He commands, don't expect a change. You know to God, a thousand years is like one day. 120 years don't mean anything to God sir. Please wake up and know that you're not serving a magician God. You're serving a Covenant keeping Father.  God is not a magician who wants to impress somebody. If you're too big to repent, you'll never get saved no matter your background. 

"My grandfather is the one who brought Christianity to Nigeria". Yes. You don't repent, you won't get saved forever. Nothing moves God to step into our affairs but our obedience. No one will miss it. 


A revival is the move of God among men. When God came in the name Jesus Christ, every move was with a drill of the Supernatural, so the move of God is validated by signs and wonders. 

A revival can be defined also as the move of the Spirit among God's people. 

Signs and wonders are the biblical characteristics of a revival. 

Habakkuk 3

What is a revival? It can be defined as a manifestation of the presence of divine presence that engages believers to line up with divine purpose of drafting multitudes into the Kingdom. Sir the principal objective of every revival is to get dry bones from the grave back on their feet into the Kingdom. 

Habakkuk 3:13

Zephaniah 3:17

So a revival is a manifestation of divine presence that engages believers to line up with divine purpose of drafting multitudes into the Kingdom. Done on the altar of prayer and in your passionate drive for salvation of souls. 

This young man engaged the tool with zeal and zest and his years of frustration turned to celebration overnight. Anybody  can take advantage of that. 

A revival can be defined as an active partnership with Christ which empowers believers with supernatural wisdom. You're on the go for the great Commission, you enjoy his company. He goes with you. So engaging with the demands of a revival empowers believers to enjoy active partnership with Jesus which makes them wiser than their peers. 

Jesus is the wisdom and the power of God and so when you are in active partnership with him,

Proverbs 13:20 comes into reality. 

When they beheld the boldness of Peter and knowing they were ignorant, they were puzzled. 

Yesterday I was watching live TV with Dr Copeland and then he said exactly what the Lord told him and we've never discussed it before. The Lord warned him, don't read nothing from the print about you whether for or against you. Don't read anything in the newspapers written about you because you know yourself. He said "You might not get out of it on time. How many have heard my story before? I've seen myself on TV only once in my life. They like to show me, they like my dress, it's very special. They like my shout because Covenant people shout like that. 

The more intimate you walk with God, the smarter you become. 

- Somebody's story is changing. 

When He sends you in an errand,he goes along with you so you're working the work together. We're labourers together with God. The wiser we are the greater harvest we'll reap into the Kingdom. 

Inventors will imerge from this  ongoing revival. This revival is not stopping. Anybody can stop when he is tired but this revival cannot stop. The Lord told me, He said, "I'm going to meet a Church on the heat of a revival for rapture" It a marathon. Anybody can drop at anytime he wants but grace to remain is available if you're interested because he's changing Your story.

I don't read every book. I read books of people that have proofs because I'm tired of theory. I need to find results. This thing works and keeps working forever until you get to the door if eternity. 

It's the practical proof of our love for God that turns believers into a living Word among men. Your passion for souls on the prayer altar cannot be defeated. 

All things are ordained to keep working for good to them that love God. They only stop working when they stop loving God. 

- Things will never stop working for your good if you will not stop loving God. It's not about papa prayed

After you have done the will of God is when you obtain the promise. 

Hebrews 10:36

Thank You Jesus.

It is our active partnership with Jesus that stirs the flow of the supernatural. God's presence will always accompany those on the go for Him and so they're in command of signs and wonders. 

God's presence turned Moses to an extraordinary commander of the supernatural.

Exodus 33:13

You hold your peace and the Lord will fight for you. 

Everyone working with Jesus enjoys the peace of God that turns you a supernatural. 

- Your days of uncertainties, anxieties are finally over.

We saw how Paul enjoyed divine presence.

His presence makes a the difference. His presence always triggers the supernatural.

Acts 10:38

God with you makes you a commander of signs and wonders. God with you makes you a living wonder among men. 

Israel came out of Egypt, He was in the midst of them.

Wen you're on the go you carry His presence and the things that trouble others tremble at your presence. That's how much engaging with the demands of revival covers you and decorates you. Don't miss it for anything. Believe the testimonies of your Church. Many of you have been here for very many years, smiles everyday sir. You smile away your troubles and then the Word penetrates and then you change your story.

His voice is a joyful sound. In His presence is fullness of joy. 

Psalms 16:11

- Somebody's story has just changed. 

Whatever therefore clears the way for Him clears the way for you because you carry His presence with you. When you go out now please go as someone sent because He sent us. The Church may not have ordained you but he has ordained you to go and bring forth fruits so everyone on the go is running with a mandate from the master. God with that confidence. 

God sent me because your time for a change of story has come. Everyone on the go for Christ is on a mission ordained of God that empowers your confidence in prayers and you return always with results. 

This is the last in the series of our midweek services for the month of June because tomorrow is already July 1. Give the Lord a big hand of praise.

- The month of July shall be to you and your family, your business, your career as a month of months. 

Give the Lord a big hand of praise.




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