-Bishop David Oyedeo at Week of Spiritual Emphasis Day 3

- Somebody is changing level here tonight.

If you're that one let me hear your amen. 

- Someone here is changing level here supernaturally. 

- By the encounter tonight you shall be changing levels supernaturally. 

One Word from Heaven can turn anyone to emerge as anything, any day, any time, anywhere. 

A Word came the way of Jacob and made a nation out of him. Lift up your two hands and desire an encounter in this third day of this Spiritual Week of Emphasis. Desire an encounter with the Lord via His Word that will change your level supernaturally in Jesus precious name we have prayed.

Heavenly Father thank You tonight for the privilege to be in Your presence one more time. Let tonight be a night of power indeed. Let no one return from this service without a life long story to tell. Thank You Father and blessed be Your name in Jesus precious name.

Be reminded that the Biblical focus for the month is 


The most lucrative venture under the sun with incomparable and unmatchable returns. No one engages his heart to serve God without making strange marks on the earth. He returns from hearty engagement as no match on the earth. No human effort, skill or expertise will ever match returns from heart rooted stewardship. 

There was nothing great about Abraham otherwise there will be some pressure on him not to go. His going was a relief to the community. In no time he had an army to himself that will take on the army of another nation. 

Psalm 105:42

There is no match under Heaven with the returns that comes through to us via hearty engagement in stewardship. It didn't stop there. Jesus saw Abraham in that parable enthroned in Heaven with Lazarus at his bosom. He must have been on a chair and the rich fool said "Father Abraham send Lazarus, that he'll dip his fingers in water and cool my tongue". No match. 

A call to serve is therefore a privilege of enthronement. He says "Come let me enthrone you, you have no natural royal blood in you but let me enthrone you if you will serve me". 

"Have you considered my servant Job? He enthrones those who serve Him. 

Nehemiah could not go to bed when he heard about the suffering of God's people. He went into weeks of fasting and  the cub bearer suddenly became a Governor. He enthrones those who serve Him. 

David took his life in his hands and went to confront Goliath"Who is this uncircumcised Philistine that defies the army of the Living God? He went against Goliath with an undying passion for His God and he returned enthroned. No king reigns in Israel untill he is anointed. So empowerment is ultimately for our enthronement. 

- It's your turn to be enthroned.


Who is the Holy Spirit? He is our God ordained, most dependable, most reliable, ever present helper. We're helpless without Him. 

Praise God.

John 14:6-17

After you're baptized in the Holy Ghost, He's in you. You can't say "Oh I forgot my helper at home". When you're asleep, He's in you, when you're awake, He's in you.  When you're on board the flight, He's in you. That's why the same way Jesus told Nicodemus "You must be Born again", I tell you, you must be Born again or else you'll remain helpless and you must be filled with the Holy Spirit.

I mentioned earlier on the first two days that there is no qualification for baptism in the Holy Ghost. He's the free welcome gift of the Father into His Kingdom. Amen. They repented and were filled with the Holy Ghost, those 3,000 fellows were there when they were hearing the Word and they were filled with the Holy Ghost on His Word. No qualification required.

You have to be clean to be filled. Stop putting the cart before the horse. It's the Spirit of holiness. There's no way you can be free without Him so don't assume it. Only the fuel in your car guarantees motion. 

The fuel in the car of the wife cannot drive the car of the husband. Each car must have it's own fuel to be in motion. You can't get on the highway of life without fueling your car. Have you received the Holy Ghost since you believed? 

Acts 19:1-6

It is so automatic. The waiting stopped on the day of Pentecost. They waited for Him to arrive and has never gone back. As you're listening to me, your heart is open and you're born again already, youly get filled. 

Praise God. He gives you utterance and then you're on.

We don't practice tongues. He gives us utterance as we get filled. Can I hear your amen? No one laid hands on me to be filled with the Holy Spirit. My hunger and my thirst liberated me. He filled me up to overflowing. Praise God.

Don't try to live without Him, it's a risk. Don't ever try to live without him, it's a risk. Give the Lord a big hand of praise.

- In the name of Jesus, for everyone that's yet to be baptized in the Holy Ghost, I decree your instant baptism now in the name of Jesus. Thank You Father.

The Holy Spirit strengthens us in our inner man against the day of battle.

Real might, functional might is domicile on the inside. How? 

When He opens up the truth to you on any issue, He strengthens you in that area for command. 

Proverbs 24:10

Strength on the inside is what determines the victory we command on the outside.

He empowers us to prevail in prayer. 

Matthew 26:41

That Spirit takes care of our prayer infirmities. The things that gets you dozing in one minute, clears it off and puts you on your feet for effectual fervent prayers. Can I hear your amen? 

Romans 8:26-27

Without Him our prayer weaknesses will remain. Without Him you can be standing and sleeping. Some have perfected that. All they want is for someone to touch them and then you'll find them on the floor. They have the strategy for sleep. 

Lift up your right hand and pray, Spirit of God deliver me from every form of prayer infirmities, from every form of wondering, deliver me from lack of focus while I stand in your presence. Deliver me from everything that makes prayer dry for me. Now put me on my feet from henceforth in my prayer life. Spirit empower me into next levels in my entire life. Thank You Father in Jesus precious name we have prayed. Give the Lord a hand of praise.

Now very interesting, He makes a man out of a child. 

Isaiah 11;6

Luke 2:47

At the age of 12, Christ was an amazement. They were astonished. Job 32:6-8

The Holy Ghost is able to make a man off a child through access to revelation. 

The charismatic movement was stirred by teenagers. The Holy Ghost is still moving on the earth today. We're a part of it. They stepped into that realm as teenagers. That's one of the great missions of the Holy Spirit. It's enhances our rate of Spiritual maturity by granting us access to light. 

Many many years ago long before I got married, a couple came around for counseling. I told them I'm not married. They said its not true. By divine privilege I've been accessing light from Scriptures. Since I was 16. I got hooked to it. Amen. I began hearing the voice of God in very clear terms. When I say "God said", you better believe it. I'm used to that voice when He speaks. 

- I know that many dramatic turnaround testimonies will be reserved for every Winner this year. I mean Winners worldwide. 

Now as for these four children

Daniel 1:16

Daniel became not only a leader but a god. 

- Somebody's story is changing. 

Finally He empowers us with the grace for continuity in our walk with God. Grace for continuity. He clothes us with passion that many waters cannot quench. 

Luke 22:28-30

It takes continuity to be enthroned and He empowers us with grace for continuity in our walk with God. 

David brought Goliath down at 17. He ascended the throne at 30. It takes continuity to be enthroned. That's why there are too many peasants in the Body of Christ. Continuity is a requirement for enthronement. 

Isaiah 42:1-4

That is the force behind our walk with God. It's shall not fade nor be discouraged. 

Now tonight I decree a fresh release of the spirit of stewardship that allows you to live above discouragement in the name of Jesus Christ.

Now men and brethren I've not lost one ounce of passion Jesus since He Connected me to the mystery of Matthew 6:33. It's just been growing and growing. 

- Now I release that same grace upon your life today. 

- God is changing your level. 

They're some believers in Church, they're just captains in primary school. His captainship has no impact and there is someone with God's grace upon Him to impact on the world, not on his nation, not on his City, in the world but he just backs out. He terminates his destiny. 

- Your own will not be terminated. 

Once upon a time our Church was said to be the largest in Kaduna, after some time the largest in the North, after some time, getting larger and larger. 

- May you not be deceived anymore. 

- Somebody's story is changing tonight.

Now listen God is still in the business of transferance of grace today.

Numbers 11:16:17

John 4:38

Here comes the thing that will break the pride of this generation. We only have an inheritance in Father's not in apostles, not in prophets, not in Evangelists, not in teachers, not in a coach but in a father. 

Interestingly God's ordained prophets are ordained as spiritual father's to whom they're sent to. Every God ordained prophet is sent as a father to the people to whom they're sent. Not everybody will receive them as fathers, so not everybody can be a partaker of what He carries. 

2nd Kings 2:12

2nd Kings 2:21

There are father's to kings. 

Matthew 10:41

When you receive a prophet as a father, you'll be reproducing after his order.

Proverbs 13:22

Today God is restoring sonship and fatherhood to the body of Christ.

Malachi 4:5-6

It is natural for a child to share the DNA of his father. 

Gen 1:24-

Thus is what it takes. The prophet you don't regard cannot be a blessing to you.

A prophet you consider to be at the same level with will not be a source of blessing to you without all contradiction. Rivers don't go up hills, it goes down hill. 

Hebrews 11:8

His ministry cannot impact on your life.

Luke 26-48

You can't take the mantle off the prophet you're ashamed to identify with publicly.

Some are ashamed to put sticker on their car sir. They're ashamed to put it on their door. You can replicate the grace of any prophet you're ashamed to identify with.  You have seen that in my life. 

From the inception of this ministry, no one steps in here without hearing "Hagin said". I'm carrying his mantle today around the world. He passed the mantle for global impact from him to me. You cannot carry the mantle of the prophet you're ashamed to identify with publicly. You cannot. And it's foolishness to be skillful of what is gainful. You have seen the real manifestation of God in this place. A raw dimension in all ramifications. The day this message will be defeated is the day that God will be defeated. He is resident here sir. 

If God be for us , who can be against us?

Hagin never owed a dime. David and this ministry don't owe a dime.  Whatever Hagin said by the Spirit got confirmed. You cannot carry the mantle of a prophet you're ashamed to identify. 


Lift up your right hand, my desire is to see everybody in this Commission replicate. Ask God, Lord I want to tap into the grace that's in this place. 





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