-Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo at Recharge Conference 2021, Global Impact Church on the topic: 'UNFORGETTABLE'.


Praise God. Amen, amen.

Have you been getting recharged? This has been awesome, such an awesome privilege to be here this morning. I want to appreciate my friends, Pastor Yemi and Pastor Bim, Hallelujah. Help me put your hands together for them.

Like Pastor Y said, we've known for over 22-23 years, you know that makes us know that we are old but it's been amazing. He's been a wonderful person, a wonderful friend, a great encourager, a great motivator. Hope you are loving him the way I am loving him. Church Gist. Can you put your hands well, appreciate them one more time. Pastor Bim, God bless you guys. Thank you for the work you are doing. Praise God. Please take your seats.

I want to appreciate all the ministers of the Gospel here. A lot of my people are here. God bless you guys, I see all of you, God bless you. Thank you for coming around. It is good to see you. Well done. I like when Pastors connect and get refreshed. Pastors need pastor, counsellors need counsellor, doctors need doctor. Praise God. Can you help appreciate all the ministers of the Gospel here. Well done. It's good to see all of you.

Did you guys enjoyed Pastor Godman? Wow! That was phenomenal and you are clapping like this? That was phenomenal. When I entered now, I just whispered to him that why did they put me after you? I should have preach before you. Praise God. Alright, if you don't mind, I will like to stay down so I can walk around freely. Hope that won't affect media people. 

I also want to appreciate all our online guests all over the world. Can we put our hands together for the online followers all over the world. God bless you for connecting. Hallelujah, praise God.

I was able to also noticed that there are quite a lot of single people here but you see, what I am going to teach, it doesn't matter whether you are single or married, it will benefit you. The title of my topic today is:


Praise God.

You know there are people you meet and you forget but there are people you meet, you don't easily forget. So if you are here, you are male or female, I'm going to share from Scripture today, how you will be an unforgettable man or an unforgettable woman. Praise God.

You see, attraction is not just to attract a spouse, you need to also maintain attraction to even keep your spouse. Church Gist. Many people think we throw away attraction, that all the work is just to attract the spouse. Keeping the spouse is more important than attracting the spouse. Is somebody getting what I am saying? That's why the richer people are people that are into attraction. We the Counsellors and the Coaches, we are not as rich as people selling hair and selling lipsticks, because everybody is focused on using the hair to attract the man. We, we are talking about how to keep the man and keep the woman. Is somebody getting what I am saying? We need to be as rich as the people making hair ooo. Hallelujah.

Before I start, I usually carry books everywhere I go, not because I am a book seller but because I believe that people need to invest in learning. Even if we do marriage conference, January to December, we will not cover everything that need to be covered as regard to relationship. So this is where books and learning comes handy because you can learn things even when we are not physically with you.

If you are a single lady, I want to recommend this book, titled: '7 Questions Wise Women Ask'. If you are single lady, there are seven questions a woman needs to ask when a guy is interested in you or a guy is asking your hand in marriage. One of the questions is, When? I want to marry you, when? Nowadays, people proposed and they dance and jump instead of asking when. I want to marry you is a proposal, I want to build a house, when? You give a contractor a building, you say, can you build this house? Yes. If he completes it in 20 years, is it okay? 

So I see people excited, somebody will propose on top of Mainland bridge, knee down, climb street light, different kinds of dramatic proposal without date and everybody is clapping and congratulating them. If you know how many return of rings I've supervised, I am telling you, they did dramatic proposal; Instagram, everywhere but they did not make it to marriage. Indefinite proposal, one year, three years, four years, they are still engaged, no marriage. Some did not work. I have to return rings, I have to supervise the returning of the ring. Some sef, we have to sell the ring. Now I know who buys gold and diamond, I know where to sell it. I am not joking, we have to find buyers because the person that even gave the ring is not worthy of us to go and return the ring, he is a stupid person, so we just sold the ring and compensate the offended person, you can't lose everything.

I am not joking ooo. If you have anybody that has given you gold and he is not marring you, please I have dealer (laughs) that can sell it and turn it into something useful, you can't lose everywhere.

So as a woman, ask When? Because as a lady, time is sensitive for you. Men have a different relationship with time than women do. For women, the older you get, it seems that your options of eligible guys reduced. For men, the older they get, their options for eligible women increase. Church Gist. Do you see challenge? If a man is thirty, he will usually marry thirty people and below. When he is forty, he will marry forty people and below. His own options are increasing with time, your own options are reducing with time. So don't let anybody keep you and waste your time, it is not law school that you are doing seven years dating. So get the book, '7 Questions Wise Women Ask'.

Men are you hearing? If you a young man here, say amen. Men, I have one titled: '7 Qualities Wise Men Want'. The mistake most men make is that men never really learn about relationship on time. Women generally from beginning are relationship focused, relationship oriented. All their movies, all their major movies are based on relationship, love, affection. So women are learning from young age about marriage and love and romance. Men are watching football and carrying gun. All the boy's toys are gun, truck; nothing personal, nothing relational. Gun is killing, football - competition. This is why marriages are struggling because the man's orientation from childhood is different. So most men don't know the qualities to look out for in a woman. They just marry the first woman they see when they are ready. They don't realise that there are qualities to look out for before marriage works.





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