HE KILLED A MAN ON HIS WAY BACK FROM A BURIAL _ Pst Ea Adeboya shares story.

 He killed the man on his way back from a burial.”-Pastor Adeboye shares story of a boy

The General Overseer Redeem Christian Church of God Pastor E.A. Adeboye stated that no one is too young to know that life is a battle field. He further used the story of King Herod wanting to eliminate baby Jesus inorder to secure his throne as a case study. King herod heard the three wise men who wanted to pay a courtesy visit to baby Jesus address the newly born as King of the Jew: and this prompted Herod to go in search of Him even when baby Jesus has done nothing wrong, yet the evil king tried to eliminate Him.

Pastor Adeboye also used the story of a certain family who were wiped out by an evil village man as an illustration. The man of God said, ” You are not too young to know that life is a battle field. Jesus was only a baby when Herod wanted him dead. I remember the story of a family: the father had a heated argument with a man in the village, and the man vowed to destroy the entire family. First, he killed the man, on the way back from a burial, his first son who came from abroad and travelled in his new car had an accident with the car and died. When the mother heard the news, she also collapsed and died. So, each time they travelled to the village to bury one person, another died on their way back until it was remaining only one child. The only child left was at the time studying Medicine at the University; he went to bury the last person who died and was seen by his late fathers adversary.The wicked man decided not to kill the last one so quickly, but make him suffer a little first. The boy got back to school and ran mad, It was in this state that he was brought to my office; I prayed a simple prayer and God delivered him.”

After Pastor Adeboye narrated the boy’s family story, he made a declaration against anyone that has vowed to make us suffer: that God’s judgement will come upon them. He also advised us to stay with God so that He can fight all our battles. No doubt, God is the Omnipotent. He alone has the power to deliver us from all manner of trouble we are faced with.




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