Babylon says we should look for charisma without character.

Religion says that we should leave charisma and look for only Character.

But in Zion, God is saying that as we are growing in character, we should also grow in charisma because He will need both men of great character and unusual charisma for what He is about to do in our time.

Without character, we are only preparing to fall when we rise but with all our characters, there is still an oil God needs to pour on us that will make what we are carrying for your generation to be relevant.

This is not mechanized neither is it for show, It is a breath of God upon certain men whose worth in their generation must not be trivialized.

Most of our fathers ignored it and were praying only for anointing. They got the anointing but lacked the oil that attracts men to the anointing and that is why there was a limit to the target they reached for Jesus in their time.

But Late Benson Idahosa rose and began to improve on their errors, God helped him in character and in charisma but religion fought him. The Pharisees saw him and the synagogues said that he was too carnal but he ignored them in their parochial state of spiritual comatose.

Severally, he went to the government houses of his days where none of them could go and declared: "thus saith the Lord.." And the land and the leaders heard him roar and they bowed not just because he was anointed as they too had seen anointed men but because there was 'something' about him that they could not explain.

Friends, when charisma meets with character, it gives birth to something phenomenal. Please, stop bragging with only one, you will be limited and please, don't fight those that are growing in the two of them.

When you go to pray, beg God to reveal to you things you need to pray about, If not, you will be known as a praying machine that could not download things that would be relevant to this generation.

As we are praying for God to help us grow in character, let us also keep praying for God to give us commensurate charisma that will accompany His assignment for our lives.


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