Carnality on the ROCK!

When the love of a couple is built on the power of God, even their kisses will be prophetic.

These things are real for those who have embraced the power thereof, not just two believers wallowing in a form of godliness.🙌🏻🙌🏻

When your husband has been raised up together with Jesus by the power of pentecost, raising your legs in holy sexymony becomes one of the 1000 ways to sustain your salvation, and his as well. What other people call love making, to you it is ministering, because the both of you know that if legs are not raised towards the Lord, your salvation journey will be threatened.

(You may need to read the above paragraph again slowly to comprehend it better before you leave the whatapp group)

To be totally lost in God that even your moans are chants! 

And Because your roar is a sound of summon, Angels will assemble before they realise that this particular battle is not for the anointed, but for the strong.

Ayoo! astekopenate!

That union, where you don't have to come out of realms. The atmosphere around you remains constant when the family declares 21days fasting and when you are on the bed exchanging communion. 

The same power you use in making it difficult for your wife to walk properly is the same authority you will use to command a cribble to walk. There is no difference in realms.

Is somebody hearing me?

When the foundations of your love in marriage is rooted on the rock, your mushy mushy desires becomes an offspring of that fellowship. 

This means that the French kisses you share together is only an offspring of the authority in Christ Jesus you command with your lips.

Dear Married, if you remove sexy from the Godliness in your home, you have placed a limit to what the power of God can do in your marriage.

My chat with my wife👇

NB: Dear Singles, please sleep in peace as you patiently await  your own manifestions in marriage.😀

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