People don't fake being depressed, they faked being happy. 

You would never fake being unreal. if at all there would be any form of faking,  it is that of being so real. 

You would be so surprised has how great a heavy, sad and unwelcoming face many hide under fake smiles and makeup. 

Life is beyond the 'It is well. Why don't you make it well?

Of course, you can make it well for others not just in words but in actions, through actions and by actions. 

A visit, a message, a smile,  a call,  a gift, word of encouragement, money, time, prayer and any other form of support could go a long way. 

Do away with the habit of messaging or visiting people only when you need something from them. 

Am I asking you to spend all day messaging or visiting? Of course not!  but whenever it is in your capacity to do that,  do that wholeheartedly. 

Avoid the habit of reaching out to people only when they are in trouble.

You can reach out to men while they are fine and when all is going on well. Checking up on people is not for only bad times! 

Tell men to remove that mask they have been using as covering for the real them and you would be shocked at how great trouble, pain and disaster many have been covering in disguise of peace, comfort and happiness. 

Sickness, failure or problems shouldn't be the only criteria for checking up on your neighbours. 

Yes, someone might have gotten to a state of committing suicide but it is a great thing if you make yourself an agent against the oppression which the devil has subjected men to lead to depression. 

Just your smile could lift that soul. 

That visit could make a shift. 

That warm greeting could change undue motives.

Do something to help those around you. 

Help them at the right time. Many could have been saved from deadly decisions if someone had reached out to them at the right time. 

Many are facing a lot and there are inner bleedings.  It may take what you have to pull them out of the pit and it may take that which you possess to heal them. 

Are you a victim? 

What is that which has made you become like a living dead? Perhaps,  emptiness has set in. Do you want to hear the truth?  Someone is out there as God sent waiting earnestly for you to speak out. 

He or she might not fathom how great help you need until you voice out. 

Earth is founded and funded on relationships. Therefore,  no man can live without men. 

Yes,  Jesus is the burden-bearer but he still uses people to bear and share them with you. 

Oppressions,  Intimidations, Molestations and  Addictions might be that which you have been subjected to but until you decide to disconnect, you would remain unfree.

Are you ready to help others but do you have your challenges? 

You might be facing a lot too but it takes only a heart of a true seeker,  a genuine intercessor and someone who is after the heartbeat of God to seek first men welfare while his tarries. 

Men are gifts. Love them while they are alive and with you. 

Let them know you celebrate them now and not after their death. 

Spread the Love of God, Cloth God, shelter  God and Feed God because when you do these things for men, you are doing it to and for God. 

Spread the life outside. 

Depression is real but only the expression of God's love can help many pull out of it. 

Let us be one with him. 

Faith Agi. 

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