One of the greatest thing we should know is that there were many intercessory groups who prayed earnestly before the emergence of Ayo Babalola.

Before and during the Azusa street revival, there was a prophecy that God will raise a man in West Africa through which thousands of men shall rise with fire.

Even the Azuza revival came via a prophecy some years earlier. 

Those men spent their days praying that God should send a man who will lead the revival.

The Cornerstone was one of the groups that heralded the emergence of Ayo Babalola.

This men prayed that God should send revival like what they have been hearing in other place.

Almost everywhere you turn to among young men in those days, their kneels were bent in the place of prayers.

The cloud is heavy, young men where are you?

If the Lord answered the prayer of those men, He shall answer ours too if we diligently ask HIM. 

The requirement for this time is that the saints intercede...until the Israelite groan, Moses was not sent. 

Everything around us is telling us to pray for the visit of heaven again.

Our church will grow if revival comes, our economy shall experience a great leap if heaven comes visiting.

As I write this piece, there is a great joy in my heart as I behold the agenda of God for us.

I am super excited that the Lord shall visit us again in my time, I am so sure. 

The army are gathering, deep revelation about heaven agenda is been deposited in the heart of available vessels.

Beyond the noise of men, the word of the Lord shall be fulfilled. 

For everyone who beliefs join us in praying that heaven invade the earth according to His plans.


 AT Joel


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