I have severally asked myself this question in time past. And this was when I was yet to come to the clarity of the reason why he is choosing me among many.

Many of us probably got this question in mind because we thought we are not qualified for that which we are being called into. However, you must note that God doesn't work that way.

He doesn't choose men on basis of certificates, status, race, gender and background.

Truly, many are called but few are chosen. God didn't choose the few because they are qualified for that which he is calling them into. The reason why he chooses you is that he qualified you.

God saw other men before he chooses Moses, a chronic stammerer.

He knew other tribes exist and he knew other men exist before he chooses Gideon from the least of them in Manasseh.

He saw other mighty warriors and yet decided to make use of a bloody civilian; David.

Mary the mother of our Lord Jesus Christ wouldn't have been the only Virgin that exists in her time, yet she was the chosen one.

If God has chosen you, then it means he wants to qualify you for that which you are not qualified for.


It is you because he is the one calling you. 

The assurance is that you are an image of God.

You are not an afterthought of his creation. 

Irrespective of what people think or say about you, Male or females created you in his image or likeness.

If the Almighty God could showers his blessings so much on you by creating you in his likeness, this means you carry and can do things in extraordinary ways. 

You possess the power to create things as this is the nature of God.

He wants you to do things according to his nature because you are of his nature.

He is holy and you being his image is not expected to live otherwise. It is not welcoming for you to engage in ungodly matters or counsel.

He wants you to carry his nature in and out because in his image he created you. This was why the word admonishes us " Be ye holy even as your Father which is in heaven is holy".

The striking nature you have with God should give you the instinct that you are his lineage and you shouldn't fall out of that line because doing that will alter that nature of uniqueness within you.

The word says  "you are joint heir with Christ sharing in heavenly inheritance".

Yes, the power Jesus Christ possess is already pass unto you through his marvellous light.

Having this full knowledge of the light which is Jesus will give you life ultimatum. You can't get that life without having him in your life and you will be living in gross darkness if all you do is proclaimed Jesus only in words.

" In him was life and the life was the light of men"

If we claim to be in the sharing of the heavenly inheritance with Jesus Christ without having the full knowledge of who he is, then we are not reflecting his image.

You aren't expected to share in that inheritance if you don't follow the light (Jesus) which will serve as a lead to thy path & serve as a roadmap in your life.

This is why he said to you "I am the way, the truth and the life no man cometh to the Father except through me".

Yes, there is no way you can get through the way without knowing the way which is Jesus Christ. To share in the inheritance of thy Father which is in heaven, you must first know the way that leads to that place where you are going to sign the papers of the heavenly connection.

You can't be claiming to be an image of God and be cold. God is not cold!

As a father expected his children to be like him so also is the Lord looking and searching out for men that are ready to be like him, talk like him and carry his full nature.

As a father who is in expectation of his children to take up and continue with his business so also is the Lord searching and Longing for men that are ready to take up burdens and bear the mantle for the evolution of the kingdom. He wants you to be fully involved in all he do so as for you to evolve into his riches and possessions.

He is an excellent God and so is his expectation towards those that are ready to share in the glory of his.

Daniel was a man who is ready, firm and unshaken despite the intimation and restrictions he got during the time of a decree of not to serve or worship any other God for days. He stood his ground, he radiates the nature of God by doing only the things which he knows will impress God and he didn't trade the likeness of God for anything not unto fear, intimation or whatsoever. He stood his ground till the very last end and he was greatly rewarded.

God love men that are ready to radiate his likeness and he also looks up to those he can fully boast of as his son.

He boasted of Job for his loyalty even though the adversary wasn't too convinced of what God was conveying to him about Job his servant, God knows the kind of person Job was.

You are an image of God and you are expected to do exploits.

How do you do exploits?

You lean on God who is the master of exploration to show you the way out.

You can't wait on your father and expect to be disappointed even though things might not go always as expected yet your earthly father will ensure he tries every possible means to give you that which you want.

If your earthly father wouldn't disappoint you because you are created in his likeness,  how much more our father who is in heaven who is able and ready to supply all our needs according to his riches in glory.

You can't be an image of God and be dormant.

You can't be a true radiator of his image and be carried away by people's opinions or general views.

All you need is to follow due guidelines as you emerge into the great expression of his likeness in and out of your life.

That whoever you come in contact with will look and admit "Yes this person is really from God".

For you are the image of God and this is basically why he created and make you a unique being that is perfectly endorsed for greatness in things of the world and that of the kingdom.


Faith Agi.

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