What do you want? 

Very possible this is not the first time you are seeing this kind of question. You might have possibly encountered men who asked you this on one occasion or the other.

However, when this kind of question is asked, it demands that we give a reply. Not just a reply but the correct and precise one.

Reading through Matthew 20:29-34 we would see that the two Blind men who encountered Jesus didn't receive this question straightaway. They passed through stages. Life is in stages and no effective result can be achieved when or where these stages are skipped. 

The two blind men passed through stages which anyone seeking one thing or the other from God ought to pass through.

Whatever you are seeking from God, be it physically, financially, socially and spiritually all required you to understand these stages.

Your ability to pass those stages shows how strong and intentional you are about the seeking process.

The word says as Jesus and his what?

Disciples were leaving Jericho. What happened?

A large crowd followed them.

At the course of their leaving two significant men were brought into account there and who were they? Blind men. They are Physically impaired.

If you want to know the gravity of the Pain those men must have been passing through, ask someone to blindfold your eyes with a handkerchief for let us say 15 minutes.

Let us just assume you do that right now for some seconds, how do you feel?

Darkness, out of sight, you can hear sounds but you wouldn't know how exactly that which is making sounds looks like. Those men were in total darkness. Blue can be accepted as black because they don't have the instrument that would help them prove that.

I pray that the Lord remove you from every darkness. 

They were in total darkness. We don't know for how long because it wasn't stated but it must have tarried for long.

Then something happened. 

Those men were propelled to go through certain stages.

I Will be sharing with you those stages you must pass through if at all you are asking or Praying something from God. Hope you are with me?

What are those stages?

1.  Hearing Stage.

2. The action Stage.

3. The Confrontation Stage.

4. The Stage of receiving the Question and giving an accurate response to it.

5. The Stage of Following Jesus.

Now, let us touch them one after the other.

1. THE HEARING STAGE: This is a stage that comes forth before any other stage. 

You are desiring that healing, what exactly have you been able to communicate to your hearing regarding the ability of Jesus to heal. One of my students reach out to me one day and he said how can a family receive Deliverance.

I told him it is as simple as this "Let them hear first" it is at the course of hearing that the conviction will come.

Matthew 20: 30 says ".....when they heard that Jesus passed by....."

Nothing would have happened if they didn't hear. They heard about the word (Jesus).

I don't know that which has been a border to you? But when you give your ears to the word (Jesus), you will hear things that will bring a lasting solution to it by the word.

The two Blind men hear about Jesus and that ignited something within them and what is that thing? Faith.

Until a man hears something, Faith is never built up.

The word brings you hearing and our hearing pave way for Faith in us.

Romans 10:17 put it clearer "So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God."

What are you listening to? Check yourself well because the words you listen to would either spark something within or kill something within.

2. THE ACTION STAGE: Life is not all about making proclamations, declarations and decrees. Beyond the Faith within, there is a great need for application and this is what brought those two men to this stage.

Here they shouted with a loud voice "Lord, Son of David, have mercy on us".

They apply their Faith. They didn't just sit down there believing Jesus to walk up to them and heal them.

Beyond this, they did something significant which I would love you to hold unto tonight?

Their actions were dependent on God's mercy.

A wrong standard about God's mercy has been set by many. Many believe that mercy is to be asked by only men that are living in Sin. Very wrong! 

A man that is helped by God is a man who is overshadowed by his mercies.

If we are to exclude mercy from the equation of our walk with God, I doubt if there will be a flow. Why? Mercy is the only quality of God that Understand that man is but a cloud of dust.

I am sorry, let us not divert from the system. 

But take note of this "Never you replace the place of your works for God's Mercy and Grace".

Beyond the capacity of the works you are applying to your faith, call for his mercy.

3. CONFRONTATION STAGE: Here people would want to Question you on why you continue to serve this God. They will give you reasons why you should keep quiet. You know what? This is the stage to intensify the prayers, cry and shout. 

You are looking up to God for something which is yet to be attended to, and something devastating comes up? Note: This is the stage.

His silence doesn't mean he isn't aware you are calling. 

This is where your Faith would be tried. James 1:3.

Our Faith Would be tried. Temptations would come, Trials would come, Criticisms will arise to make you conform to the world. They would come to make you quit seeking or asking.

The bible said, "And the multitude rebuke them because they should hold their peace......" Matthew 20:31 but what happened " they cried the more.....".

Why should you hold your peace when there is still chaos?

You don't need to hold your peace until there is an assurance of peace from him.

This is where to remain steady and hold steadfastly to that which you already believe in.

4. THE QUESTION AND ANSWER STAGE: Here in Verse 32 What happened? " Jesus stopped and called them".

They won the attention of Jesus.

I said Jesus would halt his move for you now.

I repeat "Jesus is stopping for you now in his glorious mercy."

He stopped and asked the simple question "What do you want me to do for you?"

 Eeeeeiiii this is a very critical stage out of those stages.

When Jesus asked them the question what did they say "We want our Sight".

Many have passed through the first three stages but it is of bitterness that they fail this stage.

The men didn't cry at this stage.

They didn't say "Ah Jesus, have mercy on us at this stage"

They simply give the reply as brief as possible.

Beyond God asking from you what you want, did you know what you want?

When you get to this stage, he is not expecting murmuring of any kind from you.

"My people receive not because they asked amiss". Do not ask amiss, ask right.

Finally, the stage of following.

In the story of the Ten Lepers, only one returned to give glory to God. Would you be intentional enough to Convince Jesus that all your commitment and Consistency now is not because of that which you have wanted him to do for you?

After he gave you that which you want, will you be Faithful enough to continue to Fellowship with him in Service, Praises and Love unto others?

Now that you know, study those stages to show yourself approve.

The Lord help you greatly.

#Seeking God#

#Ask right #

Faith Agi.

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