A man is what he is in his heart. Take it or leave it, a man is only vulnerable to things he ought not to be vulnerable to only when his heart has been captured.

To understand this fully, need you to understand that there is a principle relating the man without to the man within. There is a direct connection between that which transpires on the outside to that which has taken place or which is taking place within. It is all about principle and before a principle can be effective in the life of a man, there is a great need to know, understand and apply that principle.

Life is bounded by a principle and for this course, there is only one major principle guiding this and the principle is stated " You can't become something entirely different from who you are within"

This holds for everyone here on earth. Any man who wants changes must change first from within. If you don't want it the way it is, then take a step!

Moreover, a change of career, status, business or name can never change who I am from within or who a man used to be.

If there would be any change, it must come intentionally from within the man himself.

Can a change of name become a change of heart? Definitely No.

Changing your status, position or gathering more certificates wouldn't do much in your life except something has taken place within; in the heart.

A man is just as he is in his heart. There would not be a better you lest you have decided to make changes first from within. Any attack that would be so damaging always come first from the enemy within. Any success that would be so loud already become successful from within. 

Your spiritual, physical, financial and social status wouldn't rise to the level you want when you have not yet allowed it a reality within.

It is a law of nature. A man that is good within wouldn't be bad without. Also, a man that is bad without wouldn't be good within. It all begins in the heart.

When something comes out of your nature, it reveals who you are and what you alone is capable of doing.

No man is designed to become on the outside what he hasn't become on the inside. That is why Jesus said, "That which is born of the flesh is of the flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is of the Spirit".

That is how it is laid down, the things of the world can never become that of the word.  However, it is left to anyone ready to have the nature of Jesus to seek after God who would bear him of the Spirit.

It is now left to you to have a change of heart before you begin to see those positive changes on the outside.

"As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is" this is not a curse but a principle.

What are you thinking in your heart? My thinking is who I am. Whatever you are in the product of your thinking. It is a principle!

We are told in the book of Proverbs 4 verse 23, "Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life". In other words, whatever happens in life, take place first in the heart. It is the headquarters of things that reflect on the outside. If any change must take place, it must have taken place first inside the heart. 

Inside there are desires, longings, intents or volitions, choices, thoughts and devise of plans.

What you are in your heart is who you are without. On the outside, you are a representative of your heart in words and actions.

Whatever is true or whatever is false, whatever is good or whatever is bad is first initiated from the inside. For this course, it is of importance to guide it with all diligence. The irony of this is that the heart never functions on its own without receiving first a catalyst, something that would spark the thoughts within, something that would stir up the plans into execution. How well do you relate with your heart?

What do you listen to? What do you open your eyes to?

What do you react to? All these questions are directly linked to the effective way you can guide your heart.

Works of the flesh such as anger, strife, envy, jealousy, covetousness, hatred and the likes can be avoided when the heart is put under close check.

Failure or Success of a man comes from the heart and that is what differentiates one man from the other.

If your life is so precious to you, then you ought to keep your heart.

Above all, open up your heart to Jesus as you make your life journey.

Faith Agi.

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