For Single And Married Men: Before You Do It, Know The Consequences Of What You Want To Do. 

✅ The Strength of your “Anointing” is in your Penis.

✅ The Energy of your Destiny Resides In Your Penis. 

✅ There's a kind of woman who can give you the wildest sexual PLEASURE but end up putting your life under PRESSURE. 

✅ The secret of your greatness is in the mastery of your Penis.

✅ A man who allows his Penis to control him has lost his Manhood.

✅ A woman was God's reward to Adam for chasing after Him and doing his work dutifully. Stop chasing what God has designed to be a REWARD to you. If you serve God faithfully, He will reward you with a faithful wife.

✅ Sexual Purity or the purity of your penis preserves the anointing on your life. A man loses his CONSECRATION when his penis is given, inclined to DESECRATION.

✅ Premarital and extramarital sex are MONEY EATERS. What it costs to keep a girlfriend is more than enough to marry a wife. Sexual immorality has a way of eating up a man's wealth, insidiously. 

✅ One of the most powerful weapons that can destroy a man is the gun between his legs. If you are not careful, your penis will disgrace you. 

✅ When your penis starts misbehaving, exert your manhood on it and advise it to think straight. 

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