This is the second part of my series on #TheNakedCrusade (How A Woman Pulled The Biggest Crowd With Her Pants Down). 

On that crusade, there were two sects of sinners – The Woman Caught In The Act Of Adultery And The Religious Folks Who Came Together To Judge Her And Enforce The Law of Moses.

The worst kind of sin is the kind that makes you see yourself as a "HOLY THAN THOU." There are denominations and some so-called Christians who think that they are HOLIER and more RIGHTEOUS than other Christians. 

To these folks, anyone who is not a member of their denomination is a sinner, an outcast. 

The worst kind of sin is the kind that makes you a CONDEMNER and GATEKEEPER of sinners who needs God's love and whom God's Love is bringing into the Kingdom.

The elder brother of the prodigal son tried that. He condemned his brother and tried to discourage his father from accepting him into the family.

There are religious dogmas, denominational rules that keep people away from God. Some people are working for the devil but think that they are working for God. Saul was a religious zealot, working so had to enforce the laws of Moses but ended up killing so many Christians until he had an encounter with Christ.

Some Churches will ask ladies putting on indecent dresses to go back to their houses. That's pure hypocrisy! There are many people there with indecent hearts who covered it with decent clothes. God looks at the heart.

Jesus said that NO ONE COMES TO HIM EXCEPT THE FATHER HAS SENT SUCH A PERSON. What if Jesus was the one who sent those you are sending back home or maybe to hell? 

Think about it. No healthy person visits the hospital. When you see an indecent lady come to Church, that could be her date with destiny. A normal sinner wouldn't want to come to the church. 

The Holy Spirit must have stirred her to come. The wise thing to do is to preach the Gospel to the person. The Gospel will change their lifestyle and way of dressing, eventually.

What if that person goes home and dies in their sin? Are there not better ways to handle sinners instead of adding to the condemnation that's already eating deep into their conscience? 

These religious mob wanted the woman who was caught in the act dead. They didn't want her to repent.

Some of you reading this now are like that. You have your religious stones ready to kill. You are quick to judge others and sanction those who commit open sins. 

When a brother impregnates a sister and the Church gets the information, both of them are given a back seat. But who judges those who commit abortion in the same church from the pulpit to the pew?

We are to reconcile men with God and not block them from accessing the throne of mercy.


It's the sin that brings you to Jesus. I don't care how bad and dirty you are, as long as your sin can bring you to Jesus and make you cry for mercy, that's a good sin.

A good sin is a sin that makes you cry to God for help. It doesn't take you away from His presence. Instead, it brings you closer to God. David was a man after God's heart. One of the secrets to that was the fact that each time he sinned he went back to God like a child.

Any sin that makes you have an audience with God's saving grace, an encounter with Jesus, is a good sin. 

Any sin that makes you realise that you need the help and mercy of God and drags you to His love, is a good sin. 

A good sin strips your pants and brings you naked before God.

Between the woman and the crowd from the "SINagogue," who sinned the most? 

The religious crowd came to TEMPT Jesus. They came to JUDGE the Woman and KILL her in cold blood. Even when they met Jesus, they NEVER humbled themselves to ACCEPT the word of salvation. They LEFT Jesus but the woman STAYED with Jesus.

Any religious beliefs you hold above the knowledge of Christ will take you to hell, no matter how morally right those beliefs are. 

Some people had the opportunity to stay with Christ but they left him and continued preaching their man-made dogmas.

EVER learning but NEVER coming to the KNOWLEDGE of the TRUTH (Christ).

A bad sin, on the other hand, makes you think and feel that you are "deputy Jesus" and Moses' Law Enforcement Agent.

A bad sin makes a keeper of the laws and killer of the people who deserves God's love. 


© Nick I. Thomas – Dishing It Naked

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