When I became born again and I heard that if you lay hands on the sick they will recover, I wanted to practice, I wasn't sure it was going to work, I remember those days when any of my children come back from playing and says daddy my head is banging, I will pray and I will make sure drugs is not too far away, I will pray for the child and put him on my leg and wait for what will happen. The Almighty God will always meet you at the level of your faith, not once in all those days did I have to use the medicine because within five minutes the child will say I want to go and play or will be fast asleep. Then I moved from trying out on my children to trying out on my friends, those that I know that if I fail they won't go and ridicule me, my friends were coming one by one and I will pray for them and my confidence in the Almighty grew so that today I can pray for anyone.

I am saying this to encourage someone in particular because when you are going higher, you are not going higher for yourself but for others.

I want to encourage someone today, darkness has no choice, it must obey light.

Genesis 1:1-4

In the Name that is above every other name, I am commanding every darkness in your life, it must give way to light today. Exercise your authority.




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