Dear Brother

There are different type of Ladies.

There are the ones who know how to ask.

They remind one of the Prodigal son. They ask when in need. Matt 7:7 is their motto.

Then there are the ones who remind one of the Elder brother to the Prodigal son. Never one day did he make a demand to his father, even when he had needs.

It is for this second category of ladies I want to speak about

If you are in a Relationship with a lady who doesn't make demands, who doesn't know how to ask, don't take her nature as an excuse to be stingy.

Yes, I agree that as long as it is a Relationship and not Marriage, she is not your financial Responsibility yet. True.

That's a FACT, but the TRUTH is, True love Gives.

"For God so loved the word that he gave..."

You can not tell me you love a lady, every day you are shouting "Ngozi I love you" "Ngozi you're my world" "Ngozi, I'm yours" and you can't buy even N100 glo airtime for Ngozi simply because it is Relationship and not Marriage.

See, who don stingy don stingy.

Relationship or Marriage, a stingy Man will be a stingy Man, and a giver will be a giver.

I remember a lady I counseled some times back, 2 years relationship, she never asked him for anything because she's not the asking type, and uncle too never got her ANYTHING. 2 YEARS, but she used to get him stuff.

Even if it is data, airtime, ice cream, shoe, earrings, no body is saying you should spend your life savings on her, start learning how to give to your Woman now, so you'll be used to it in Marriage.

Don't wait for her to ask first, occasionally get her stuff, no matter how little. Giving doesn't mean you're a Fool neither does stinginess mean wisdom.

It is he that is faithful in Little (Relationship) that will be faithful in Much (Marriage)..






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