-Dr Pastor Paul Enenche

I met Daddy G.O in 1979, but God placed me under Bishop David Oyedepo 

By a prophet the Lord brought Israel out of Egypt and by a prophet. I am so excited, the first time that Papa Oyedepo stepped on this ground and broke the ground; then came again and this structure (Glory Dome) started. He told me, he said, “what you are doing is validating what we are doing.” 

I said: No, it is the other way round. 

He said, “NO. You have proved that it cannot only happen in one place. Because if it is happening only in one place, they will say there is something they are using that we don’t know. Church Gist. But this is a confirmation that whatever is working here can work anywhere if people are ready to make it work.” 

These testimonies and the things here are just messages on their own. 

-Father, make me an evidence of your mantle upon this altar in this house. Make me an evidence in my life, in my family. Make me an evidence. 

Open your mouth and speak to God: I shall be an evidence. An evidence of your power, an evidence of your help, an evidence of your mercy, an evidence of your grace. I receive it in Jesus precious name

In the physical, people don’t give themselves father. The same way it is in the spiritual: You don’t give yourself father or pastor. 

“I will give to them Pastors after my own heart” – Jeremiah 3:15

There are those who feel like choosing for themselves. Somebody told one of our men here, he said, “why are you submitting here? Go direct to his father.” Just go direct to the one on top, that one is big enough to Pastor you and the people talking to him who say they are direct, he is far bigger than them in every way. There is nothing with them to be envied. Pigeon advising Eagle how to fly. 

There are spiritual protocols, there is a way God worked it and we followed the protocol. 

I encountered Papa Adeboye since 1979. I only met Papa Oyedepo about 1993/1994. I met the other one first but this is the one (Papa Oyedepo) that He (God) placed over me. This is the one (Bishop David Oyedepo) He directed me to. The first day I met Daddy G.O, I told him the name of one of the pastors who followed him for that crusade in Otukpo, in 1979 and he knew the man. One day, I was there and met the man; I said I am looking for someone, I met him, we hugged each other: I said you came to our town…He said, “Yes, I remember the crusade.” 

I said: I remember what you told me. You counselled me, you advised me spiritually and I can’t forget what you told me then. But this is how God arranged the protocol. 

The spiritual lineage is one, but He said, “this is the one.” 






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