-Bishop David Oyedepo 

*Narrates 40 year financial growth of the Liberation Commission through consistent covenant practice/giving.

*Give according to your level but let it be honourable and watch your level rise from glory to glory.

Not every seed sown is acceptable to God. At the beginning He had respect for the Sacrifice of Abel but had no respect for that of Cain. He is not a beggar so He has a choice what to accept and what not to accept. What is it that makes our offering acceptable to God? It has to acceptable before it becomes rewardable.

Malachi 1:6-9

Your seed must become honourable before it becomes acceptable. What makes honourable is not the volume but the cost to you. He said "I won't offer to the Lord that which cost me nothing". God will not respect your leftover seed. No. He is not a beggar, He doesn't need your help. Neither does He need my help. Your seed must be honourable before returns are guaranteed. My God has a choice. "The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof". "Of Him have we all received" so there's nothing we have that is not given to us by Him". So He doesn't need it. 

Now watch, there's a kind of seed you will give you your parents that will provoke a curse. You drove in a convoy, you got to your home and you say "hello mum, I just love you, here is 10 naira to keep you going for the month". If she doesn't tear it in your presence, as soon as you turn your back she will tear it. "If I will never eat till I die forget". 

Why? It is because you have left that level. Therefore as God has blessed everyone even so let Him give. So you give according to the blessing of the Lord upon your life. He knows what blessings He has put upon your life so you can't pretend.

If I give you 5 naira as a seed in your life now it will affect your respect for me. Why? You believe I'm beyond that. God knows the level of blessings in your life, stop playing games all around. I've never lacked returns on my seed sir. Never. Most of the time our seeds are not acceptable, so the returns are not in view. People just take God for granted that's why they're grounded. They see God as a myth, not as a person. Until our seed is acceptable no returns should be expected.

Deuteronomy 16:17

I know God will not take 20,000  from me for an offering but He will gladly take 2 Naira from me those days. Let's enhance our quality of our Covenant walk with God. 

We're permitted to start from where we are. 


10 April 1982-N5.08 Kobo

19 May 1982-N120.75 Naira. (My own offering was inside it)

(10 April 1982..big one-Power House)

Total income in that camp meeting was 508 Kobo. 

Received prophecy of going round the world

Prophecy to build 50,000 thousand sanctuary.

Prophecy to have aircrafts flying in the air.

Prophecy of printing press at an industrial scale. Total Offering 508 Kobo l.  

You're permitted to start from where you are. 

Non-starters don't have a future. 

Get started demanding grace for continuity and consistency.


Now liberal nature of your Church? 

April 1st 1984-15 Naira. 

Somebody needed 10 Naira. 

On 13th May 1984-31 Naira 8 Kobo (10 Naira given to a brother in need. There was also a sister in need that was given 5 Naira).

July 1st 1984 when we ordained our first 7 deacons (including Bishop Aremu), income in service was 111 Naira 20 Kobo. 

Give the Lord a big hand.

Why am I saying this? You can start from where you are and stay on trusting God for continuity and consistency. Awesome God. 

A lot of humourous records that we have here for testimonies. 

Total income 1984-N18,656. 

Total income 1985-N55,198 

In 1986, Heavens opened-N272,000.

In 1987-N523,000. 

We broke the siege in 1988-N1,300 000. 

Now we have left the realm of millions long time, we're walking towards accessing the realms of trillions now. 

That's how God works. Start from where you are. Nobody starts climbing the tree from the top. Your 2 Naira may hold more value to God than my N50,000. 

Please learn to sow honourable seeds according to the level of blessings upon your life. Including giving to the needy. Give to the level that you're in. 

Honour thy Lord with thy substance, not thy leftovers.

Proverbs 3:9

You can preach it, it won't make a difference. You have to do it to experience it. 




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