You have a pastor whose annointing you love and respect so much. Every service day you listen to his sermons and you declare all the prayers, prophesies and confessions he speaks over your life. 

As giving is a believer's response to faith, every month you plan a big seed offering to bless his ministry and connect to the annointing over your pastor's life. 

This is good, welldone dear practicing believer. 


You have a prophet in your life as your husband, or you are courting a man God has positioned in your life to lead you into a healthy, purposeful marriage. A priest that prays with you and for you every day, in the morning and at night, but the only seeds you have sown into his life are two boxers, two singlets, two roll-on, and one wristwatch. And that was for his birthday last year. 

I don't think you understand what it means when God gives you a man after His heart.

I'm not sure you know that your husband's prayers over you carries more prophetic power than the pastor in your local assembly.

How can I make you understand that your man is more anointed for you than your Bishop?

Don't get it wrong, your man may not be more anointed than your pastor who is annointed for EVERYONE, but he is more annointed than your pastor for YOU. 

In Ephesians 4 verse number 11, the Lord says;

 "He gave some Apostles, some Prophets,  some Evangelist and some pastors and teachers..." 

But one of the amazing mysteries of marriage is that God has put all these gifts in one person for you, and that person is your HUSBAND. In him you have an Apostle, a prophet, an evangelist, a pastor and a teacher, all for you. 

Dear married sisters, your husband is your first seeding responsibility before anyone else. Seed into his life always.

Dear dating aunty, use the priest in your life as a seeding practice. Start blessing his journey with you ahead with your gifts, you are his ministry, giving to him is giving to yourself. 

So when that pay cheque comes in for the month, let wisdom guide your giving. And please, avoid seeding anything called boxers and singlet, we are not doing again, your true man of God is not a culteral dancer. You don't buy boxers as a prophet's seed to your Pastors, or do you? so learn the difference Ma, don't let familiarity make you give your husband a love gift in place of a prophet's seed.

One is given out of intimate love for your husband, the other is given out of honour to your spiritual covering.

Thank you don't mention.


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