You cannot both be angry at the same time.

You cannot loose your minds at the same time.

You cannot both be hot at the same time. One will have to be cold for the others advantage.

 Not like you cannot both get angry over a situation at the same time, you can, but in the middle of that anger, one will help the other keep their mind. One will be angry enough to keep his or her head, not for herself, but because she knows that her man needs it in that situation. This is what I mean. 

If you are dating someone who joins in your fight and encourage your malice, that is not the power of 'two becoming one' that God is talking about. The power that expresses itself when the enemy needs you to. No, in fact, you are both WRONG for each other.

The power of two is the power that expresses itself when God needs you to. That is how you know If the two of you are coming together to become the right ONE.

I have seen where one partner inherits the enemies of the other.

 I have seen where one starts keeping malice with the people their partner has issues with.

I have seen where one partner joins the other to fight people. To them this is a power of two, they are perfect together because everyone fears them. No one can talk to either of them because the other one will jump at you. This is their own understanding of a War couple, or should I say Trouble couple. People see them and run away. They have No good friends because they have fought with them all. No, this the power of two RIGHT people who are WRONG for eachother. 

You cannot both be hot. You cannot both be the villains. You cannot both have uncontrollable temper. You cannot both have issues with forgiveness. Not only will your marriage be a battle zone, but the battle will be extended into all other areas of your life. 

Listen to me now while you are yet unmarried; If you have a partner who is supporting you to keep malice with People. If you have a partner who breaks the bottles and give them to you when you are fighting people. If you have a partner God cannot call when your phone number is not reachable in moments of anger. Then you might just be getting ready to marry the wrong person.

Be with someone who has a part of your weakness. Someone who has the power to cage your negative energy. Someone you will listen to in those moments when your ears don't seem to be working. 

You know how you know? Those times when you suddenly see yourself exercising a certain level of self control in a situation where you would normally take the roof off without listening to anyone.

You know how you are sure? Those times when it feels like a bucket of ice water has Been poured into your soul when your partner says "Its okay babe" in the heat of a temper. 

You know how you believe Its true? When you can actually bring yourself to listen. When your partner's voice and touch becomes stronger than any hurtful deeds that has been done to you. 

A friend of mine said something beautifull to me one day I will never forget. 

He said, "Brother, Lizy knows how to be my strength when I am weak, and she knows how to be my weakness in moments when I am tempted to exercise my strength, her atmosphere becomes stronger than my revenge."

I did not fully understand what he meant in practical, until, a few weeks ago.

Lord I want, someone whose temper and anger will share a personal connection with my touch. 

Lord I want to be the one who listens. 


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