-Bishop David Oyedepo, 1st Service, Faith Tabernacle.

*Continuous thanksgiving is what changes our level.

*God is counting everyone’s input. 

*God does not reward titles, He only rewards your labour. 

* Don’t serve Him under pressure. Don’t see God as a burden and watch how He will keep changing your position. 

*It’s your Turnaround Year and you must experience it!

* Before the year is over, you will experience multiple change of levels.

Let’s conclude this morning. By redemption, we have been empowered for a life of continuous progress. 

God is upset when we are at the same spot over a long period. 

Proverbs 4:18 

1. Ordained to shine more and more, not more and less, not more or less: more and more to the perfect day.

You have gone round this mountain long enough, I am upset.

God does not want us at the same spot over a long period. He wants us to experience a continuous lifestyle of progress.

-Therefore, from today, your life will never know a setback again.

He said, “all the land which thou seest, unto you will I give it” (Genesis 13:15). You have to see before you can get it, so you need this continuous progress mentality that life is not designed for ups and downs but ups and ups!!!

-That shall be your lifestyle from now.

As a man thinks in his heart, so is he (Proverbs 23:7).

Until your mind is renewed, your life cannot be transformed (Romans 12:2).

I caught that Word several years ago from Proverbs chapter 4 verse 18 and I was prepared for a better last year in my life; I thank God I have not seen a better last year yet and I’m not ready for one till I go to heaven. 

You need a mentality of continuous progress and this is the lifeline that will get you there: 

Continuous thanksgiving for everything that is done and in everything that may appear not working. Then He keeps changing your story. 

As a man thinks in his heart so is he (Proverbs 23:7).

-My prayer is that today marks the end of setbacks, stagnation and frustrations in everyone’s life in the name of Jesus Christ.

2. Every instruction that comes our way from the Lord is ordained for our next level change of position (Deuteronomy 28:1).

I will be setting you, as you keep engaging with my instructions. I will be changing your position until I set you on high above all nations of the earth and all these blessings will come to you and overtake you as you keep engaging with my commandments and instructions, I will keep changing your position (Deuteronomy 28:2). 

That’s the way it works. 

Take fast hold of instructions, let her not go. Keep her for she is thy life (Proverbs 4:13).

That’s where the quality of your life is enhanced by keeping His instructions very firmly, engaging with them genuinely. 

3. We must remain committed to serving God and the interests of His Kingdom for our continuous change of level.

You gave me one and I have made 10 more talents. He said, “okay, change of level. Have thou authority over 10 cities” – Luke 19:17

“I have made 5 more” – have thou authority over 5 cities (Luke 19:19). Change of level. 

Then He left them again. I am coming back. If He finds them on duty when He comes and they have gotten results, He changes their levels again. 

He called His 10 servants and gave them His 10 pounds. One kept his own, we don’t know what happened to the others, maybe they ran away. But we are told about 3 at least: one kept his own; one traded and got 10; another traded and got 5; 7 of them, they went to eat. But when He came, He appraised them and changed their levels. 

God is counting your involvement, He is counting your engagement, He sees what you are doing in secret, He is rewarding it in the open. So, there is no way to hide from God Sir. There is no way to hide from God. 

People serving God in truth and in deed are not permitted to go down. 

Where you are is irrelevant. Who you are is what matters and where you stand with God. 

Where you stand with God!! 

I won’t deceive you, there are many full time Pastors who don’t have results of what part time believers have, not even Pastors. No, God does not reward titles. No. everyone shall be rewarded according to his own labour, not according to his own title (1 Corinthians 3:8). There are many Founders who are beggars. What can you be Ministry more than a Founder? They are Founders but they are beggars and there are members of their Church who are distributors in the same Church. Everyone shall be rewarded according to his own labour. Not his own title, not his own position. 

You know he is ‘Superior Elder’ or ‘Pope’ of our Church, ‘Papa’. God does not reward Papa, He rewards labour. They can applaud you, it’s not equal to reward. If you are a good speaker, you speak well. There is no reward in it. Come on say, ‘Labour’. 

God is counting everyone’s input. 

-You must go forward!

But listen, if you don’t serve God with joyfulness and gladness of heart, your service is vain. It won’t count. 

Back again, you can’t climb to the next level without a heart of gratitude (Deuteronomy 28:48). It takes a heart of gratitude for our labour to count. 

Let me say this, there are some Cell Ministers who have never attended any Empowerment Summit in their life. What a pride! You don’t have to be there. Sir, you don’t have to. God is too big to depend on you. 

It doesn’t even touch him: Okay, they are having Empowerment Summit!

You don’t fear God. What! People just live carelessly and they think God will take anything.

If your Governor wants to give you an appointment, you are older than him, for 10, you will be there 9 and one Clerk will tell you ‘Sit down.’

Almighty God said ‘Come’. 

“I don’t feel like going out, I just think that I should go to around Ikeja for something. 2 hours, I can’t do that.”

A Governor can keep you there for one day Sir: at 5 pm, you have been there since 9. 

Is there somebody waiting there? Tell him he should come tomorrow.

Tomorrow at 9, the same 9. He would wait there tomorrow till 6 pm and he (the Governor) doesn’t have the answer you are looking for. You just think he has. 

The Almighty God calls you and then you are pulling shoulders. There are people they don’t need to see God Sir, because they are serving at a negative end: Nothing is happening.

Can I tell you this? I have been pursuing after souls since 1976, He only called me into Ministry in 1981. So I am not doing it because I am a Pastor. I am serving my God with all my heart and He is blessing me. I never begged all those years Sir. No one ever paid me nothing. 

They call Service Unit meeting: That person…I should be the Leader, it’s just that they don’t know me. 

Okay what are you doing there? Nothing!

Pride is a killer Sir. Don’t buy into it.

Well, you have heard of a father this morning. 

-May you take hold of it and engage with it.

Give God thanks.

Habakkuk 3:17-19

You are changing level. 

Keep rejoicing as you serve the Lord. Don’t serve Him under pressure. Don’t see God as a burden and watch how He will keep changing your position in the name of Jesus. 

It’s your Turnaround Year and you must experience it!!!


We have Water Baptism on Saturday (5th June 2021).

Water Baptism: For members who are yet to be baptized in water since you believed, please take advantage of this. We have a clear instruction from God that everyone that desires to make Heaven must be baptized in water and only pride can get a man out of that. 

Please for your own sake, at the gate of heaven, there is no complain. Church Gist. You either have what is required or you don’t have it. 

Jesus needed to be baptized, you and I need to be baptized. Please ensure you are baptized. 

I was a Speaker in a conference when I did water baptism, because somebody came up and spoke so loud and clear on it; I said, “wait a minute, I thought my baptism as a child was enough.”

I didn’t know that until one repents, he is not qualified to be baptized in water. So I went with him to the stream and I was baptized as a Speaker. Jesus changed my life. 

-Somebody’s story has changed. 

Please endeavour to obey instructions and then you will keep changing your position.

We are going to celebrate God for a few minutes. 

How many want a change of level? That’s how to get it and you are getting it. 

-There are many people here, before the year is over, you will experience multiple change of levels.

-Many here will experience multiple change of levels. 

Somebody was married for 10 years and 6 months without a child. They forced out of that marriage, she lived 11 years more and my God got her married in this Church, after 21 years and now gave her a miracle child (documented testimony). Somebody is changing level here. 

So let’s dance our way to our high places, it’s one of the mystery of the Kingdom.

Hallelujah. Glory to God.

-You will never ever be stranded in life again.

Let me show you these 3 instances before we share the Goodness.

I was returning from a trip in London and I came home. On my way home from the airport, they said, “Oh some fellows came and took your car away.”

I said, “hope nobody is hurt.” 

They said, “nobody.” I said, “Praise the Lord.” 

I said, “what of security men?”

Oh, one of them went with them. I said, “Praise the Lord.”

It wasn’t part of my prayer life. Thank You Jesus. But some years back, I gave 23 cars out in one year. 

In everything give thanks.

I was on my way to collect the Mantle from Kenneth Hagin, as I so desired and then 2 days to the time of my going, my Mechanic was bringing the car home after service, the car caught fire on the road. 

I saw him, I said, “Dennis what is going on?” 

Dennis: ‘sobbing.’ The car caught fire.

Car and you are crying. I said, ‘Relax.’ Pushed him out. 

He said: won’t you like to see it?

I said: No, I have been seeing burnt cars in my life. It would have robbed me of where we are today.

In everything, you do what? Give thanks.

-From now, you will never be caught murmuring and complaining again.

Like my son here would say, “where you are today is somebody’s else prayer point. He wants to be where you are now. Oh God, that one day, I will wear suit.”

Somebody is desiring where you are today and you are complaining about.

-May you never complicate your matters again. 

The good news is an end has finally come to all issues of stagnation in your life. 

Therefore, go forward from henceforth.

-Everything about your life is rolling forward.

We were running for time to complete this building and one of the trusses here fell down and pulled two others, while they were still positioning them, so we lost those 3 things at the same time but no life was lost and all I said was ‘Thank You Jesus.’

Till tomorrow, I never found out how much the cost of those 3 trusses were. It’s irrelevant, we are going forward.

-Whatever has tied you to the past, I command it broken finally today. 

-Whatever has kept you looking backward, is over finally today.

From henceforth, it shall be Forward Ever and Backward Never.

Before we close, we have our Spiritual Week of Emphasis this week. I want to admonish everyone to be part of it because we are entering a particular unique season in Bible Agenda. The midst of the year is ordained a revival season where God will level out all everlasting mountains on your path and destroy all perpetual hills and get you up upon your high places.

So wake up, be part of it. It promises to be the greatest season of your life in the faith till date and the Midst of the Year is June and July with 5 months on either side of the divide. That is the Midst of the Year, so get yourself prepared. It’s going to be fire. 

-I’ve seen some light into what the 2 months contain and I want to believe that your name is in there. 

-God will surprise your mockers and surprise you in person.

-Because those who think your life will not amount to anything will see God with His everlasting arm, take you to the topmost top. 

Get ready for it, get set for it. We are waiting on the Lord on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. That happens in all the Zonal Centres, so nobody has any explanation to give. 

Be part of it, Jesus will touch you and you will know it.

Jesus will touch you and those around you will know it.

In Jesus precious name.

Give God thanks everybody.

Good News: By the grace of God, 11,440 new Cells have been planted this year.

-May everyone that is a part of this move of the Spirit be openly blessed in return. 

-For all those who opened their houses for this Operation, no door will be shut against you anymore.

-For those our vibrant young and new Cell Leaders, grace to deliver maximally is released upon your life.

Don’t forget on Saturday (5th June 2021), we are all meeting to look into God’s prophetic agenda for this Church and it’s awesome. I have been in His presence for some time and I found quite a few things that God wants to do in our midst and we will all be partakers of it in Jesus name.

Give God thanks and praise.





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