“ just ruined my day you idiot ,” shouted the young gentleman as he simultaneously bent down to pick up the parcel from the ground.

Startled by the undue reaction of the  young man in front of her, Evelyn struggled between waving it off and finding the right words to be used for an apology.

Finally, she managed to let those words out "I am very sorry Sir. I never knew you were that close".

Without giving much attention to the what she was saying, he reached out for something in his pocket which later turned out to be a piece of cloth having a blue and pink pattern. 

Holding it firmly with his right hand and the Parcel to the left, he began to do some sort of cleaning for the parcel.

"Oh! I am very sorry Sir. I never meant to hit you." she voiced out once again.

He looked at her sternly, gave Evelyn a long lasting hiss and off he went.

As everything unfold before her very eyes, she wouldn't have been more than shocked. She stood still finding every possible answer to all the questions chasing after one another in her heart and the only question that took the last standing was “Why would he behave in such an unruly manner to a stranger?"

In an office, a young lady in her early 20's was found sitting down, head buried to a newspaper which she must have found so much interesting that she didn't noticed when her would be visitor came in with her secretary.

A young man was ushered in after waiting for so long for the arrival of the Managing Director of the company his boss has sent him to.

"Good morning ma" greeted the young man.

Evelyn wouldn't have made a mistake thinking she has heard the same voice earlier.

Just to be sure and to clear her doubt, she dropped the Newspaper she was holding as quickly as she could and there he was standing with the same parcel he has earlier insulted her over.

For few minutes, silence filled the office. 

"Are you the Managing Director of this place?" he asked looking so confused and disappointed.

He wouldn't have expected such a young lady to be a managing director of the company which his boss has sent him to.

Moreover, she dressed so simple to be taken as one. 

Besides, she wasn't in a classic car that very period. All these were the thoughts which ran across his mind.

"Mr?" She asked.

"Joshua Dickson" he reluctantly replied.

"Have your sit sir" She said pointing to the sit in front of her.

"Please have your sit" She said to the young man who was still filled up with guilt.

As he have his sit, not able to look straight into her eyes, he dropped the parcel.

"All information contained in here right?" she asked smiling.

"Yes ma'am" 

"Good. So what is all that for this morning if I may ask?"

" is a long story"

Excited and ready to listen to the story "Yes! Please cut it short"

"It was just a transfer of aggression ma and besides I never knew you are the Manager of this place" he said amidst tears.

"Oh no...I am sorry if I hurt you but you shouldn't have passed it on to that very time sir." She paused and continued "You probably got mad at someone or because of something right from home?"

"Definitely" he said looking so disappointed.

"I understand. All you need is how to control your emotions and secondly you need to have regard for men regardless of their social status."

"I am very sorry ma. I Judged too early and wrongly" 

"No. it is okay"

"You Forgive me?" he said looking excited and surprised at the same time.

"Of course!" 


Many of us are like the young man in the story above.

When the word says "Slow to speak and Slow to wrath" it definitely have such people in mind.

They tend to pass aggression across to people who do them no harm.

They are not in control of their emotions.

Instead of them to control their anger, anger rule over them.

Although, it is very certain for people to get you upset in one way or the other.

At one point in time you might seems fed up or look dejected but it is never a license to how you should relate with others.

Emotions can be part of humans but they ought not to rule a man.

Life challenges and the rest might get you off.

Handling so many things in sphere of life might get you stressed at times but this is never enough reason to stereotyped people because of their appearances.

Like the Mr in our story, he was under the influence of his emotions.

A man who allow emotions to control him is a man who is liable to lose so many things.

Uncontrolled emotions lead to separation.

It Leads to opportunities being cut short.

Assuming Evelyn is the same as the guy in the story, things would have turned out bad for him.

See what the Scripture says "Ephesians 4:26

Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath:"

That anger should not linger.

It only gets someone closer to the danger zone.

That pain shouldn't be taken into another day.

A man who can't control his emotions is likened to a car without a break. 

He could run into the ditch at any point in time. 

Anger in itself is just an emotion but such which is not controlled turned out to be a demon. 

Just as a man under the influence of a demonic attack is a man being controlled by anger. 

It can destroy anything it wanted to destroy.

A man controlled by anger and other emotions that can set things apart should be kept under check even than a man under the influence of demons.

Anger is nothing but an obstacle which draws men back and get them closer to pain. It must be controlled!

Before you go out for the day, drop that anger.

Before you set out for that occasion, drop that aggression.

It is a demon meant to be cast out.

Not everyone can be like that young lady! 

Do you know the men called Men of Maturity?

They are men with the Spirit Fruit "Self Control".


Faith Agi.

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