The revival that is brewing in the east is not the hit and run type, but the Hit_Enter and Stay type.
This meeting is one of the vistas trough which this possibilities will gain Oscillation.

From The Coordinators Desk;

Evang Ezekiel

Upper Room Experience is not a program it is a movement. It is a movement because when the experience is done  in the upper room the movement that follows is massive, that is hitting and harvesting of souls.

This movement came as a burning passion at the place of prayer 8 years ago. When it was as if darkness was about covering young people as we went in for prayers as we cried He gave us a burning burden and told us that we are not few that His about to rise more soldiers but it won't happen anyhow and everywhere as to ever major encounter there's a place. He gave us a place and asked us to bring men into the Upper Room so that He will breath on the them the breath of life.

The Lord directed our feet to Ubakala. Since 2015 this meeting has been on till this year.

This year and it's caption "WITNESSES" came still at the place of prayer. Seeing the end of the world coming quickly and see most believer running with the passion to rise souls an winning souls gave us heavy burden.

We start this year since last year. Rise us witnesses o Lord. We know this witnesses will not just preach Jesus but the will show Jesus and we know they won't come base on what they where told but base on what they have experienced and witness.

This year as we pray and look forth to see God. We don't know what He wants  but one thing we know is there is a troop of young witnesses coming and they are not coming with based information of what they where told but based information of what they know, experienced and witnessed.

Our prayer this year is to see soul hunters rise like never before.

See you there!

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